Bourbon Blues Fest '17

Anyone going? My husband & are going tomorrow. Looks like the weather will be great! I love Kenny Wayne Shepard!!!

Passing this year. I spent a small fortune. Wasn't even that enjoyable. But have fun & beware of cops. They are all around there this weekend. Heard that from a cop friend.

kikinj kikinj
May 19th

I agree on the price. It's a lot. I remember when it used to be $20. $45 is a lot before even getting anything to eat or drink and the food and drinks are way over priced. Additionally, it's about a 40 minute ride for me now that it's at Waterloo. Loved when in was in Lebanon.

That said, have fun Luca!

Calico696 Calico696
May 19th

Tickets are pricey! $50! They advertised that if you buy online it's only $45 but that's a scam! They charge you a $3.75 processing fee so not worth it to buy online!

Thanks for the tip on the cops - I already know that - they got me for speeding last week in PV - mind you - I had not had one since the 1990's! They didn't care - they gave me the ticket anyway! Bastards!

I was going, to see Kenny Wayne Shepherd. He puts on a great show. But $50 for festival crowd (no seating), and the PITA that getting in and especially getting OUT will be, I've changed my mind.

If I could pay $50, have a seat, go and see just him and leave, then great. But "fests" have alot of other stuff to "deal with"- which is cool, if you want to roam around and check out the food trucks and stuff...

I wish them luck, tho! It's a cool festival, I'm just not in the mood for it this year. And I've seen KWS once. But if anyone is interested, he does put on a FANTASTIC show.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
May 19th

Byram cops were pulling over people in the Shoprite last night out , they are looking for revenue to validate their payroll !

Steven Steven
May 20th

I agree with Calico. $20 was a nice day. Bring your own chair and food. Good music. Now $45 plus food and drink and it seems like the same or even smaller lineup. Waterloo will likely attract a larger crowd than Califon, but I'm disappointed in the venue change.

Have fun, dance, enjoy the weather!

Is there a parking charge, too?!

$50 is MUCH too high for that event. I used to pay $20 also in Lebanon. That will NEVER draw 15,000 people like they claim it would in the newspaper ~ Lebanon had maybe 1,000 to 1500 people max, my guess/estimate.

HackLiving HackLiving
May 20th

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if there is a parking fee.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
May 20th

I wouldn't be surprised either JR. I'm sure hubby and I will have a better time at Maifest later than we would have at Waterloo. Who wouldn't enjoy some delicious Man Skirt and Czig brews? Money much better spent IMO.

Calico696 Calico696
May 20th

From my 27 years of experience with all of the events at Waterloo, charging for parking would cause a traffic nightmare. The traffic flow is simply not adequate for any kind of back up particularly a self induced one.
The 15,000 attendance number for this event is fantasy That is a good thing as with the Mass Gathering Act there are significant costs as the size of events grow. I do hope the event goes well and perhaps opens the door for some future events there again.

Yes Dana- we are planning on sampling the Maibock this weekend!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
May 20th

I stopped by and it sure was $50 and no parking charge (Sunday, too).

I looked in. There were about 1000 to 1500 people in that event also.

HackLiving HackLiving
May 20th

Good festival & no parking charge & yes we could tailgate but you had to be discreet. But.... you can only drink in a certain area. So there were a lot of rules- I am not a rules girl!!

We went yesterday, well worth the $50 for all the bands we saw. No charge for parking, got in and out no problem. I liked how it was close to home, usually I'm driving one hour to see a concert. Mike Zito was great and Kenny Wayne rocked the house with that guitar. Hope they have more concerts there.

Concertgirl Concertgirl
May 21st

Glad to hear it was good! For us, it was either this one or the crawfish fest, which is in 2 weeks, due to financial reasons. However, I totally understand the price of admission for both! These nationally known acts you get to see are not cheap! They get paid pretty big bucks! $45 or $50 is actually a pretty good deal for the acts you get to see! You get what you pay for, if you choose not to go due to the price, that's your perogative. There are plenty of cheaper festivals, BUT you're not going to get the same quality bands either.

Bruce juice
May 21st

I went yesterday and it was well worth $50 for nine hours of excellent entertainment. That's $5/hour. The local bands were great, I'll look for them at some of the local venues. The national acts were incredible, and where else can you get up close without paying a fortune, and be able to fall back if it gets to be too much. The early bad weather cleared up and it was a beautiful day to be outside listening to music.

It was a real boost to the spirits and mood, much needed lately, to be around so many people having a blast. The crowd was well behaved. One benefit of the penned in "beer garden" is that the drunk idiots were mostly contained to there. A lot of this isn't "rules", it's laws they have to abide by to have the festival, since it's on state grounds. The food trucks were great and there were a surprising number of vendor tents set up selling all kinds of cool stuff.

Parking was a breeze, lots of guiders, no charge. Rather than sit in some uncomfortable hardback chair as I would at many concert venues, I could bring my very comfortable camp chairs, and a blanket to stretch out and have a nice snooze on. I'm really excited that a great outdoor concert venue is back and look forward to more shows at Waterloo. They said they have some big announcements coming.

BillyDeCarlo BillyDeCarlo
May 21st

Very excited that Waterloo is doing concerts again. $50 is well worth the price for a full day festival. Can't wait to find an upcoming show to see!

I hope someone continues to attempt to hold more events there. Something will hit. I was saddened to hear less than 1200 people showed for the Blues Fest all weekend. My prediction was 2000 people with decent weather as they had. It's tough sledding in the concert/festival business for sure. As they say sometimes you're the pigeon and sometimes you're the statue....

I follow the Bourbon Street Blues Fest FB page & there will be more concerts. When I see something I will post so you know about it.

Yes, the turnout on the Saturday that I attended was very small but the weather played a huge part of it & also, people may not have wanted to pay so much for admission unless they knew the acts.

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