Elevation Masks

Elevation Masks

Here are what some types of elevation masks look like. Sometimes they can be plain, and sometimes they have characters on them. They are for running. If you want to know more about them, you can google the benefits, etc.

Hopefully this educates people in our area a little more, even if its just on this website, maybe, just maybe - people will stop calling the police on the gentlemen that run and wear these in our area. I understand if you have never seen one why you might be alarmed.

Yes, some of them might look scary like the ones you see around town, which is why I am posting this. These men aren't running around trying to murder you.

Re: Elevation Masks

I just got mine and am getting ready to run downtown near the bank......

Everyone takes risk in almost everything we do. Walk down the street -- there's risk to that. Stay at home instead, sorry, there's still risk to that.

I think anyone who dons a scary mask and then goes running around puts themselves at a higher risk than a person running around without a scary mask.

Don't you?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
4 days ago

Creepy and scary looking. I don't want to see these coming towards me.

justwondering justwondering
4 days ago

I feel the same way about some people without masks

Re: Elevation Masks

People are so close minded in this town. if you're that afraid maybe you should stay at home because the last time I checked wearing an elevation mask wasn't a crime nor is it illegal. The high altitude mask is simply to train for endurance for long distance runs but instead of being worried about the guy who is simply just trying to live a healthy life by using some of the tools such as a higher altitude mask to achieve his or hers fitness goal you should be worried about the heroin and opiate epidemic but nobody wants to talk about that or even deal with it instead they rather pick on somebody who is doing nothing illegal

Elevationmask Elevationmask
4 days ago

I wasn't going to get involved....but if you are going to purposefully buy a mask as pictured, like the clown or alien, when there is plain options available.....I am sorry, but you are going to get attention...whatever it may be.

Elevation masks seem to be somewhat newish? People are adjusting to seeing people running on streets wearing masks how it is...so why add even more by wearing one that has "scary" faces???

I am all for defending these masks, but if you are wearing one like that, I am sorry, but I got nothing for you.

Elevation masks have been on fitness and training scene for 20+ years. Many of your favorite pro athletes uses a high altitude mask to train such as Lance Armstrong Stephan curry the list goes on and on can Google that. And since when does animation characters such as the incredible hawk/R2D2 and storm troopers become scary? it's 2017 come on now

Elevationmask Elevationmask
4 days ago

@strangerdanger I get where you're coming If you were running past a bank one of those on but if the individual has workout clothes on and is clearly working out there was no need for you to bother that individual or call the cops on them

Elevationmask Elevationmask
4 days ago

I specifically stated " like the clown or alien"

And yes, it is 2017, a year where people are scared of everything.....you should know that by now.

Me personally, I don't care, and wouldn't call cops unless there was obvious reasons to do so, but my point is, people wearing masks "like the clown or alien" are not trying their best to not be noticed to say the least....

People calling the cops on plain masks, I am fully on your side...rediculous, unless obvious reasons to do so.

Although yes they have been around for 20+ years as you state, they are a growing trend to the common runner/trainer and many are not aware of them yet

"Training Masks represent a new generation of performance solutions that allow users to actively work on their respiratory muscle fitness."


"so why add even more by wearing one that has "scary" faces???"

Darrin, that's a personal preference....much like people with scary tattoos, scary makeup, individuality. scary shirts. etc......its his choice to wear what he wants (granted people have a right to feel how they do) and that is why i made this post to educate people of what these are and to not be afraid. why should he have to not wear what he chooses in fear of his life or being stopped by the police on a daily basis while he is working out?

and people shouldn't have to fear for their lives when HE is running, that was the point of my post.

"And yes, it is 2017, a year where people are scared of everything.....you should know that by now."

Wouldn't it make more sense to let people deal with it? After all, being scared of one's shadow has never been a good trait to have anyway. 2017 or not, the problem lies with those having baseless fears, not with someone wearing a running mask.

Now that I know what these are I'm looking forward to seeing them now.

justintime justintime
4 days ago

Re: Elevation Masks

My son got a Star Wars hoodies with a built in mask. Like this one. Please no one call the cops when he's walking to school. I know it looks scary. Lol

"2017 or not, the problem lies with those having baseless fears, not with someone wearing a running mask. "



and again

i welcome ANYONE to stop people with elevation masks, especially the person on this post, they will be happy to explain it to you and they are super friendly!

FYI: All I said is it presents the reality of a higher risk. I did not assign any other value to it.

And yes, the same might be said about a scary tattoo, especially one that can not be hidden.

However, there may be a bit of a reality to the concept that evil is often perpetrated under a mask, however infinitesimally small the chances are. I mean a tat is just a painted man, after all. And a man who is actually more easily recognized because of it. A mask is a hidden man, incognito, in avoidance of being recognized.

But I was just talking about risk, not the emotions or history where it emanated from.

I say be free, do what you want, take all the risk you feel appropriate (not that there's really that much risk increase with this), you aren't hurting anyone until you pass that octogenarian about to have a fear-inducing major heart attack........ Or maybe consider others that may be affected by your actions and act accordingly.

Good idea for CMG to mention this. I know it saved me a few missed heart beats the first time one of these surprises me round the corner. TY.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
4 days ago

CMG, I completely agree with you, but attention comes with the territory if you choose to wear a attention grabbing mask....good and bad...if it was that much of a problem or bothered them that much, they would wear a plain one.

I do agree that education to people would help the situation, and you are doing the right thing, but fighting the fight that people should be allowed to run around on the street wearing scary masks and go unnoticed is not going to get you anywhere.

Same as with your list "scary tattoos, scary makeup, individuality. scary shirts. etc" if its attention you are looking for, it's attention you will get good and bad.

What I don't get is after repeated calls - wouldn't the police just say it's a man doing endurance training? It seems his description doesn't change - I'm sure doesn't have a closet full of them. We all need to employ some common sense

I know nothing about them nor had I heard about them until recently. If I saw you on the street with the mask before reading this....honestly my first thought would have been something like "look at this A**hole, must be on drugs or something" lol....
I agree attention comes with the territory. Some people are just paranoid in life in general. Maybe some are not necessarily scared of "You" as much as they are scared that someone that is a little crazy will then use these for something other than what it's intended? That's my best guess lol

JRT, makes sense, it does. I totally get it. Now you know though and don't have to be scared. I mean , you can be, its your right. But I am glad ONE more person knows what these are now!

"but fighting the fight that people should be allowed to run around on the street wearing scary masks and go unnoticed is not going to get you anywhere."


And I completely agree with you there as well. We are just hoping that around our area, it will eventually be okay because its becoming very uncomfortable for us to exist in Hackettstown. Wishful thinking though.

Nope I won't be...and if I see someone wearing one when I'm out walking the dogs I'm going to say "HI" just in case it's you :)

Well your doing the right thing. There will always be new people you run into though, and it may not always be Hackettstown. Keep up the good fight!

I know what I am wearing next time I rob a bank :>)

Honestly, there are masks that cover the lower portion only and are not scary. Personally if I was running in an urban area, I might consider low impact versus total freakin shock value.......

Of course, look at the name I picked for my virtual self........there's a stranger danger around every corner :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
4 days ago

The science behind them is not proven from what I hear. They restrict the total volume of air entering your lungs vs actual high altitude where you are taking full breaths but those breaths have less O2 in them bc the air is thinner. People have been using homemade snorkel/gas masks for years. The science however says that you're not getting in as good of a workout bc...duh.,.youre not breathing full breaths.

4 days ago

@Theywanttobuilwhat how would you know if I'm not getting a good enough workout here's a little of information that proves you wrong

The benefits of using a training mask are not reserved for the athletic elite, however. During a 6-week high intensity training program, moderately trained subjects using training masks, improved endurance capacity (VO2 max) and power output significantly. In addition to the findings that respiratory muscle loading improved performance across multiple metrics, the researchers speculated that the performance increases may have been attributed to the re-breathing of expired air. This in-turn may have further augmented positive results due to improved Co2

Elevationmask Elevationmask
4 days ago

@Skippy That was my point. To the cop

Elevationmask Elevationmask
4 days ago

Stop the presses! Stranger you said the NEXT TIME you rob a bank, That suggests you are not a neophyte at bank robberies. LOL. I like the cut of your jib!

The more common these masks become, most folks will not notice as much. Then of course it will become easier for the true criminal element to use them as another tool for shenanigans....

heh heh.....guess I was Freudian-ly counting tween 2007 and 2008 when I moved all my CDs into Wachovia at 5% for 5 years each. By 2009 it felt like robbery :>) Look Ma, no mask. By 2010, they had a Western stagecoach on the door and I knew I was StrangerDanger-the-kid.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
4 days ago

People are free to wear whatever they want.

But those same people need to realize (and not cry about) the vast majority of the public not only thinking it is strange for someone to be running down a sidewalk wearing a face mask- but that the individual chose to wear a scary themed mask.

There can be no logical argument made- the mask design is not for the wearer beyond it's impact to others- as it is not visible to him/her while in use. It is meant to display or represent something.

So that being an undeniable absolute- the person choosing to represent and display themselves as scary, hostile, weird, etc- should not complain when people think they are scary, hostile or weird.

Actually wearing a mask in certain jurisdictions is a crime - I believe NYC is one of them unless your at a masquerade ball or it's Halloween...you could have a problem.
Have no idea if H'town has such a law on the books...possible.

Peace out

New York Consolidated Laws, Penal Law § 240.35 

Loitering - See more at: http://codes.findlaw.com/ny/penal-law/pen-sect-240-35.html#sthash.793U04HA.dpuf

If you watch any videos of these popular ANTIFA Rally's on Youtube the first thing the cops say is take off the mask before they let them into an event. So the law is probably more widespread than you think...whether the cops enforce it - that is discretion and also think it needs to be more than 1 person wearing a mask.

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