Hackettstown Planning Board Agendas

Posting this as the agendas are too large to fit on the calendar.


RE: MAY 30, 2017 MEETING (Fifth Tuesday)

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Hackettstown Planning Board will be held
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 7:00 PM (new meeting time) in the Municipal Building, 215 Stiger Street, Hackettstown, New Jersey.


1. Sunshine Act
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of minutes – April 25, 2017
5. Resolutions – Case #13-01, First Hartford Realty Corp. (“CVS”)
Block 21, Lot 18.01
Loading Zone Area Amendment

6. Case #17-03, Hackettstown High School Media Center Courtesy Review
Block 107, Lot 2

7. Case #17-04, 2016 Mountain Hackettstown, LLC (Wawa)
Block 125, Lot 9.01
Prel. & Final Subd. & Site Plan Aps.

8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Adjournment

Darrin Darrin
May '17

Are they expanding the High School?

May '17

Where is the Wawa going in?

Candace Candace
May '17

301 MOUNTAIN AVE is Block 125, Lot 9.01 in HACKETTSTOWN, NJ.. owned by Liongate.

Happycamper Happycamper
May '17

Wild!! That is the empty lot by the applebees according to google maps.

May '17

I guess with Wawa coming to town we won't need all 4 of the Quick Checks. Lol. They might want to rethink the gas station proposal near Bells Lane....

I'm just sayin I'm just sayin
May '17

Pledge of Allegiance....? Please explain.


"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Darrin Darrin
May '17

Maybe they are putting the wawa in the high school!

dsl1121 dsl1121
May '17

Yes !
Bring back the original pledge of allegiance PLEASE!

They say the pledge of allegiance before every meeting

Darrin Darrin
May 22nd

Lili - Please see the "original" pledge of allegiance here.


Calico696 Calico696
May 22nd

I like the original pledge.

Me as well maja.

Calico696 Calico696
May 22nd

thats a large property i heard apartments are going in in the same lot as the wawa, any one know if it will be a gas station ?

The Wawa with gas station was approved at the last planning board meeting. It will be on Mountain Ave between Applebee's and Safelite. The apartment buildings will be behind it.

Wawa is hoping to begin construction in Oct and be ready to open in Spring 2018. The Apartment buildings will start later on.

Jim L. Jim L.
June 13th

Good to hear. This approval strengthens the fact that the Quick Chek monstrosity being proposed on Mountain Ave is unnecessary, unwanted, and simply a very bad idea.

"Pledge of Allegiance"

What? No reading from the Koran?

Oh that's right! Owebama left the Whitehouse!

"One Nation under God" That is "God". Did I mention, "God". There I said it, "God".

Not My Bama!
June 13th

"The Wawa with gas station was approved at the last planning board meeting. It will be on Mountain Ave between Applebee's and Safelite. The apartment buildings will be behind it."

Jim - reading your comment - am I assuming correctly that the apartment buildings have been approved as well?

Apologies if you answered this elsewhere.

jpb3302 jpb3302
June 13th

sorry if I was unclear, the overall site plan including the WAWA and the apartment buildings were approved. They still need to come back and give us better drawings of what the apartment buildings will look like before they can start construction of them but the footprint of the apartment buildings was approved.

The apartment buildings have been in the works for decades, at one time construction began and then stopped.

Jim L. Jim L.
June 14th

One more question - any idea if these are age restricted apartments? I don't recall this complex being brought up at any BOE meetings in regards to student population. They've mentioned Bilby Road (which seems stalled) and the CVS Phase 2.

jpb3302 jpb3302
June 14th

no there is no age restriction. Most will be 1 and 2 bedroom.

This development was discussed along with Bilby and CVS phase2 at the March 8th BOE budget meeting. it was in the presentation

Jim L. Jim L.
June 14th

So it may be premature to think about have the HMS students being moved to the GM Middle School until these developments get built. But that will be probably be many years in the making.

kb2755 kb2755
June 14th

so another small town store gets pushed out with the WaWa coming next to Safelite is a corner store that many people of Kenwood use. It's just sad that we keep building on every inch of property. Why aren't we filling all the empty building through out the area.

What corner store gets pushed out?

Bug3 there is a small convenience store between the traffic light and Safelite. Maybe that? I hope this project is a right turn only exit or expect more police hiring to cover accidents.

it will be a right turn only exit. To make a left onto Mountain Ave, WaWa customers will go through the Applebee's road to the Traffic Light out of the shopping center

Jim L. Jim L.
June 16th

Jim, will customers be allowed to turn left INTO the Wawa from Mountain Ave? I mean, we know they will, but will it be legal to do so?

The plans should include a back driveway exit that meets up with the back of the Applebee's parking lot that exits to the Lowe's entrance and the traffic light, for left hand turns. No left hand turns directly out from the Wawa onto Mountain Avenue.

Someone should be protecting that little pond behind Applebee's. I think it started off as a runoff ditch ( Whatever you call them?), but has morphed into a nice little pond.

I thought that everyone who wanted to build at this site was unsuccessful because of flooding and the need to protect the river from pollution.

Is anyone looking after the health of the River.

June 16th

There is going to be I believe 10 acres of greenery to allow the river to overflow when needed. There is wetlands protected land back there and the developers are going beyond that to add more

Yes Tracey there will be a left turn into WaWa however once people get used to the site I believe they will turn left at the light into Lowes and take the back driveway through Applebees to get to WaWa and the apartments

Great info! Thanks for update!

Indy Neighbor
June 17th

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