Deck Contractors

Anyone have any recommendations for a small pool deck contractor. I used the search option but nothing recent came up.

We normally do everything ourselves but we just have too much going on

Nosila Nosila
May '17

John Hall with Barko Building Company. Specializing in sustainable, energy efficient, and earth friendly building. He's trustworthy and affordable and I know many others who will vouch for him and his work.

Office: 908-441-2456
Cell: 541-510-5856

Kim Torres Kim Torres
May '17

Integrated Contracting - Ed Smith. He is a local guy, very reasonable and great with decks.


justsayin justsayin
May '17

Thank you. I will call them both for estimates

Nosila Nosila
May '17

Please post back your findings. I am looking for the same.

JB400 JB400
May '17

973 277-6774

They did our siding and will be doing our deck. Super nice guys! Show up on time, they were nice to my kids and pets, no swearing, etc..., no problems at all. They were also significantly cheaper than anyone else. He can be a bit slow with the eastimate but otherwise great! They also handle the permit and they are licensed.

Jesse134 Jesse134
May '17

FYI Jesse134, the only way someone from Morristown would be significantly cheaper out "West" would be that they are using illegals for some of the labor.

Applegate Construction

Rascal on the Mnt Rascal on the Mnt
May '17

I use a guy named Larry to do all my work small company but do great job. He local in great meadows his cell 908310-9496. Good luck.

kikinj kikinj
May '17

ijay, their prices were fair. From what I could see They are a small company with a few employees, same guys showed up everyday. When you don't have the overhead of many employees it is easier to keep costs down. One company wanted double what Rawding quoted us for cheaper product. Another company wanted $12k over his estimate. We got three quotes, maybe if we got more quotes we would have seen more that were similar to his. It is also unfair to assume that people who try to provide good work for a fair price are hiring illegal workers. His buddy did our roof, same thing... fair price and good work.

Jesse134 Jesse134
May '17

"It is also unfair to assume that people who try to provide good work for a fair price are hiring illegal workers."


justintime justintime
May '17

Maybe I am wrong Jesse134? A lot of cheap labor to pick up for the day in Morristown. Anyway, kudos if you find a contractor that does a good job at fair prices. BTW, I don't think that I care about illegal workers. When I contract jobs, I only care about the outcome and none of the workers have me concerned that they will cause trouble.

Well I will call at least 3 of them this week for quotes and will report back on how we did.

Nosila Nosila
May '17

Had this company do some work on our deck. Came out quick and work was clean, the guys are very polite and professional
I don't have the number but the website is
And Facebook I believe is
J & m outdoor enterprises

Lvoldie Lvoldie
May '17

Well....its not easy to get people to take your money. Still waiting on quotes that were due to us already....

We started off with 2 but that clearly wasnt enough. So on Tuesday I will try a couple other names that were provided.

Nosila Nosila
May '17

Try Joe @ Decks NJ (see old posts) if he is still around

eapos eapos
May '17

Just bumping this thread. Called/ left emails to joe from decks nj. No responses. Called left messages with other contractors. Crickets as well. Any other recommendations?

Philliesman Philliesman
April 5th

We used Dynamic Renovations a few years ago. Job done well and reasonable. Certainly would recommend.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
April 5th

Call Wayne at L&W...908-303-1237

whocares whocares
April 5th

Bagnole contracting 2017043189

Droptine Construction llc
Local Hackettstown Man doing awesome work, check out his FB page
9085-619-6192 Tyler Wickkiser

James P O'Brien James P O'Brien
April 5th

Thanks. Will try my luck reaching out to them today

Philliesman Philliesman
April 6th

+1 for Droptine Construction llc & Tyler Wickkiser

He does nice work for a good price

One-Eyed Poacher One-Eyed Poacher
April 7th

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