Best Shampoo for Hair Regrowth

Any suggestions?

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Apr '17

Don't know about shampoo, but I've had good results with taking biotin supplements to grow out my hair.

Katherine Katherine
Apr '17

I've tried many expensive products, but none of them worked. What did make a big difference is when I started getting 2 inches cut off every 4-5 weeks for the past 2 years.

Sorry, wish I knew of a great product myself...

positive positive
Apr '17

Ive been taking lysine everyday and its for cold sores which I dont have but it has worked magic in growing my hair and my skin has never looked better because it helps with collagen!

Soccermom12 Soccermom12
Apr '17

I don't know about shampoo but essential oils are said to help with hair regrowth. But It has to be the pure therapeutic oil. Even though the ones u find in drug stores and department stores say pure they are for the most part synthetic and will probably not work.
If u have any questions about oils u can PM me.
Where I get my oils they also have a hair care/ personal care line of products that might help.
Oils are great for an abundance of ailments for both 4 legged and two legged.

I am using an oil mix for bug repellent and flea and tick repellent. It's 100% natural.

Nellejoy Nellejoy
Apr '17


I've used Bosley and Nioxin and paid to have my thyroid tested especially for hair loss over the past ten years. I just started using Keranique and they include rogaine in the kit. All of a sudden my hair loss abated. I don't know if it's the Keranique shampoo or the rogaine. My doctor also prescribed rogaine but I never used it before I tried the Keranique package.

Chickadee mobile Chickadee mobile
Apr '17

Thanks for all the input. Keranique is too expensive for me. I tried Rogaine and it didn't seem to do anything.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Apr '17

I saw some before and after shots of this particular technique, although I'm not sure what to use as a carrier oil. I'm almost certain one would be needed.

Antimony Antimony
Apr '17

If using the oils it is best to use a carrier oil.
Jojoba oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil would all work.
I use Young Living oil because they have total control over the process from choosing the best seeds to grow the plants to finding the best areas/soil around the world to grow and their products are tested each step of the way from start to finish.
My friend often offers free classes if interested in learning about oils.

Nellejoy Nellejoy
Apr '17

Surface (it has peppermint and cayenne pepper) I purchased it from Wholeistic hair in town. I honestly didn't believe that it would work because I have purchased many products that don't work - but it did! I got my hair dyed the same day and my grays started really showing 4 weeks after - it usually takes 8 weeks for mine to really show. Good thing is, Surface's products are on the more natural side and aren't as harmful as many other products

my dr sent me to a dermatologist and started giving me cortisone shots in my scalp and also Viviscal tablets. I started in February and Im seeing a little improvement.

May '17

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