Printing phone pics advice

Can anyone recommend an easy and good way to print pics taken on a phone? (iPhone if that makes a difference.) I've thought about emailing them to myself and saving to a thumb drive, then taking them to a self-print kiosk, but is there a simpler way?

I think they also make dedicated phone pic printing devices? Anyone have one they like?

Rebecka Rebecka
Apr '17

You could try FreePrints or Groovebook apps. Or you could hook up a printer wirelessly to your phone and print in your own home.

Tracy Tracy
Apr '17

if you have a mac - you can airdrop from phone to mac - I believe you can also print from phone if you have a wireless printer

4catmom 4catmom
Apr '17

I take my phone directly to Walgreens and borrow a cord from them ( or bring your own charger cord). I then plug the phone directly into their kiosk. I download the pictures. ( you can do the last 50, 250, etc.) Then I follow the prompts and choose the pictures I want printed, and the size and quantity. If you have any questions, they can usually find an employee to help you. I think the 1hr. photo option is .39cents per 4x6 picture. It is pretty easy once you do . The pictures are not superb quality, but they do come out very nice.

Apr '17

Many ways to transfer the pics -

1. iCloud - save the pic to iCloud from the phone, then just retrieve it on your PC

2. Bluetooth - that's how I do mine even if it's from an Android. The Android can also take out the memory card but it's actually easier just to do a blue tooth transfer

3. iPhone doc - you can get docks with either with a PC connection or USB

If you have a desktop (assuming with a printer), use the same charger-cable/cord to connect your phone to your computer, drag/save/open the pix and print from there.

When you have many, same as above and or then move them to a thumb drive - bring the thumb drive to Walmart (select, better position/center some pix, etc.) and get the pix [ Walmart has a machine that can shoot-out pix (up to 50) instantly (like a Kodak), or if more or depending on your/their timing, you can get them within an hour or pick them up on another day.]

[With regard to phone pic printing devices: well, I have had a "Photo" ink cartridge that went with glossy 4x6 Photo paper for my desktop HP printer print pix whichever way/whenever I wanted, BUT found the cost&time of ink, paper, & a number of trial errors, that way is kind of ancient and/or inefficient]

Hope that helps

I have my phone print directly to my printer via Bluetooth.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Apr '17

in Target they have their kiosks you can print from your phone off their wifi. They also have an app where you can do it all yourself from whereever and then Target will print them out and let you know when they are ready. Normally within an hour!

Apr '17

Target or CVS- using whatever app their kiosks require, via wifi.

Blackcat Blackcat
Apr '17

I do mine at Target, no cord needed. You just download the Kodak app on your phone and use the kiosk. You can pick the pictures you want or all your pictures.! If I can do, it's easy, lol.

Bessie Bessie
Apr '17

With an iPhone you can upload very easily to then print from there. You can choose to have them mailed to you for pennies a piece or pick up at a store near you. So simple.

Apr '17

I just heard about on the radio

skippy skippy
Apr '17

I use a free App. called ( kiosk ) easy and painless, many different options. I download them to Wal- mart. Get in the car and go get them.

The Man The Man
Apr '17

Wow lots of options! Thank you all for the tips. Looking forward to finally getting some prints!

Rebecka Rebecka
Apr '17

Walgreens has an app. Super simple. Pick which ones you want and pick them up in an hour.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
Apr '17

Groovebook. It's only $2.99 a month. You select what pics you want and they send you a little photo album every month. App is so easy to use.
Worth $3 a month.

Hackmom Hackmom
Apr '17

Cannon selphy . Down load app print directly from phone .. wireless

I just did this from my phone for the first time. I got the app from Walgreens. It was easy. Just follow directions. It took me about 5 minutes to download 200 pictures from my phone. All pictures done an hour later. So easy. Nice prints.

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