Catering/Private Event @ Stella G's/Mama's Pizza


I'm planning a baby shower either at Stella G's (private buyout) or Mama's Pizza (in one of their private rooms). Any recos/pros and cons?


Patrick Bradley Patrick Bradley
Apr '17

Stella G's has much better food. However, Mama's would probably be cheaper.

Calico696 Calico696
Apr '17

Stella G's would probably be able to offer much more variety of food as well. When it comes to that, I would just have a quick tasting at both places. That should be easy enough to arrange, and then judge for yourself.

If you want class and privacy, go to Mattar's Bistro. The food is excellent.

auntiel auntiel
Apr '17

I have been to an event at Mamas and the food and selection was excellent but the room was very crowded. Never done Stella G's for an event but I'll second the Mattar's suggestion, I attended two events there as well that were very well done and the rooms were beautiful.

Katherine Katherine
Apr '17

Mattars is outstanding, but there's quite a difference in budget there.

We have a private room and patio at Leo's. Come take a look. We can create any menu you like and fit any budget.

Leo's Lunch & Cafe Leo's Lunch & Cafe
Apr '17

Stella Gs and MaMas are two of my favorite restaurants. However, there is another place that you might want to consider.

My godmother recently hosted my baby shower at Matars Bistro and it was exceptional. If you have 30 or more guests you can have it in the downstairs room with a buffet. The food was delicious. The cake is included and can be whatever color scheme you would like. The room included a private bar.
Less than 30 guests gives you a private section of the restaurant and guests order off the lunch menu.
The owner and servers were organized and efficient. They made sure the event flowed well and that all guests were content. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Geeege Geeege
Apr '17

I can speak from experience. I hosted my sisters baby shower at Stella g a year ago and it was delightful. The owner worked with me every step of the way. The lunch and desserts turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves and our guests were so impressed. To have such high end food right in town and not have to travel was a huge bonus! Prices and staff were great! Just saying.

Halibart Halibart
Apr '17

I am sure that if you talked to Tom at Mama's Café Baci he would do everything in his power to accommodate you for Baby Shower. The food is delicious and Family operated which includes the Cook !! !! They did a Wedding Anniversary for us and it was great !! Stella G is overrated in my opinion and does not compare to Mamas Café Baci. Good luck with your decision and enjoy Baby !!!

LittleRascal LittleRascal
Apr '17

We have had 2 parties at Stella G's. Bruno did a great job with the lunch and dinner. The food was awesome! Perfect size place for my parties and Wait staff was great. Highly recommended!

We've had private parties and had food catered on more than one occasion at Mama's and I can honestly say I was very satisfied each time. Outstanding service, great food and reasonable price.

Apr '17

Mattar's private room is the basement. A basement is going to be a basement.

observer3 observer3
Apr '17

Can't go wrong with food from Stella G's or Mattar's. Both do a fantastic job for catering and parties as well.

Jules Jules
Apr '17

Stella G's catered my daughter's wedding. You can't beat the quality of food and service for the price.

hktownie hktownie
Apr '17

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