Leftover Easter Candy Ideas?

Anybody know what one does with extra Easter Candy?? Have way too much and was wondering what to do. Any suggestions??

Big Red Big Red
Apr '17

Eat it... Lol

Apr '17

If you have a lot of chocolate, maybe break into pieces or shave it and put into a cake mix, brownie mix or cookies.

positive positive
Apr '17

M&M cookies

skippy skippy
Apr '17

Recycle it. Have a summer or end of school party with the little ones, get a piƱata and you'll already have the candy. The expiration dates should still be good. Left over peeps can be used to make s'mores. Kids don't care it's candy.

auntiel auntiel
Apr '17

Leftover? Not in this house...
Saw a friend from SC had a York Peppermint bunny in her daughter's' basket. I have never seen one ....but want one next year:)

Blackcat Blackcat
Apr '17

Send to military overseas?

I've given it to the Lords Pantry, thinking a treat would be nice for those that go there. I only give unopened packages.

Bessie Bessie
Apr '17

Yes, Trinity's Lord's Pantry will take it and put it to good use!

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
Apr '17

Jersey Girl, do you know if they ever take unopened cleaning supplies? I know they take personal items but not sure about the cleaning items

Bessie Bessie
Apr '17

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