Power outage in Liberty Township 3/19

Anyone else without power..we did report it

Kimberlysea Kimberlysea
Mar '17

Free Union Rd. No power either.

Ihatebees Ihatebees
Mar '17

Powers out on Townsbury Rd.

Marble Hill rd has no power.

mike l mike l
Mar '17

500-1500 without power... Website says estimated restore time 9pm. That's seems questionable seeing it's 8:40.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Mar '17

Reports of wires down on Route 46 in the vicinity of Free Union Rd.

Folks, if the power is out lighting a candle is a good way to see things. I use one when the power goes out....hard part is finding a match sometimes

Hank Arthur
Mar '17

Not sure exactly when it came back on, but if it was after 9pm it wasn't too far after. I was more surprised that the website reported the crew as "arrived" almost immediately. Two hours to restore downed wires? In my eyes last night JCPL delivered (for once)!

brendan brendan
Mar '17

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Re: Power outage in Liberty Township 3/19
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