RIP Helen Oullette

Helen Oullette a HHS teacher has passed away. A well known teacher and longtime resident.

Mar '17

Mrs. Oullette taught all of my husband and my children in school and also was a long time friend. I loved to meet her in town and compare ideas in fashion and what goes with what in our wardrobes. She always said when you purchase a item to wear...make sure first that it matches 3 other things that you currently have in your closet. As she aged she was sharp as a tack remembering not only the kids she taught but also their names and where they sat in her classroom. Our town has lost a icon. R.I.P. Mrs. will be very much missed..l

Joyful Joyful
Mar '17

You are right Joyful whenever I saw her she remembered my name and how I did in her class. She always asked how my parents were. She was a hard teacher and loved what she did.

Mar '17

Mrs Oullette was famous for pop quizzes and making us pay attention to current events. The kind of teacher you appreciate more after you graduate when a topic comes up and you think- "ah yes, Mrs Oullette taught us about that!".

And joyful, I remember she had a pair of green shoes. Being very mature at the time, we called them her leprechaun shoes.

hktownie hktownie
Mar '17

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