2017 Roadside Trash

Thank you for posting the independence township May clean up in the calendar!

I will be out cleaning up the roads and rivers once this snow melts.

A good day
March 19th

You go DEP!!!
Please read- lots of references to local parks and roads.


A good day
3 weeks ago

Hopefully Mother Nature will kick these offenders in "the arse."

Island rd from 46 to island dragway serious mess of cans bottles. I think the dragway people should clean up.

A good day
3 weeks ago

Re: 2017 Roadside Trash

Colombia lake cleanup. Thank you to DEP . Saw great ducks and a beaver there on Sunday.

A good day
2 weeks ago

Re: 2017 Roadside Trash

Nice day out . If you are a guilty party please note .Keep your trash out of Florence Kuipers park and the Morris canal. Others - come on and help pick it up.

A good day
7 days ago

I loved they outed them hopefully shaming them and scaring others from such boneheaded moves in the future. Probably costs more to find a good park to dump in than it would cost to drive it to the landfill and be done with it.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
7 days ago

Great job !

You go DEP link- Love it! We always think cameras are too "Orwell" scary.
Love that they are catching illegal dumpers who are soiling our parks.
We will continue to pick up our local roadside trash, and protect nature.
--Heads up to the Weekend Piggies at Stephen's State Park and the Jersey side of the Delaware River who leave behind trash and dirty diapers -SMILE! And Sonria! Usted Esta en Camara!

Excellent work A good day!

Lili, Jersey side? I live in Jersey and work in PA, my travel is along the river from both sides and honestly I see much more trash on the PA side.

Sorry, not being biased, but this is what I see every day.

positive positive
6 days ago

Not biased. I haven't seen Pa. side. Would love to see cleanup AND law enforcement Everywhere!

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