RIP Chuck Berry

What can you say? He was the Father of Rock And Roll. An all time great...

Johnny B. Goode:

Chuck Berry. Many would argue he was the KING of rock-n-roll, no disrespect to Elvis.

In related news, Willie Nelson has cancelled more shows, due to problems breathing... we sure have been losing alot of these people lately...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Mar '17

I saw that regarding Willie, I also read Gregg Allman has canceled shows for the rest of the year due to health issues. Our rock Gods are meant to be immortal!

Chuck Berry is early Rock n Roll LEGEND!

What a life @ 90 years. Well done sir and let me just say THANK YOU!!

RIP. A great talent for sure.

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '17

And lets not forget that we just lost James Cotton in March 16th of this year too.

When I saw Chuck, it was fun. I was too young to really appreciate the history, but loved those guitar antics. One of a kind, played into his 80's

Taj is still playing, caught him recently. Last time was over 4 decades ago.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Mar '17

Best song ever

I'm just happy his cousin Marvin introduced him to that guitar riff for Johnny B Goode!

btownguy btownguy
Mar '17

Good musician but was involved in armed robberies and child molestation. He served time for both.

Mar '17

Chuck Berry only #1 Song.. My Ding a ling... great memories...

htownnewbie htownnewbie
Mar '17

Thanks Chuck, for inventing the Rock and Roll sound as we know it today.

JohnnySI JohnnySI
Mar '17

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