Community Center Gym?

Does anyone know if there is a gym at the Community Center on Main St.?

Spence Spence
Mar '17

I do not believe so.

I think you can pay to use the one at the college

skippy skippy
Mar '17

The Town Rec has a link on the Town web site to all the things hosted at the community center. It's a meeting place really, not a gym.

However, the town did create a "fitness station" outside at Riverfront Park that you may want to keep in mind. Not a gym but it depends on what you're looking for. Otherwise there are at least a half dozen full gyms in the area. There's plenty of info on all of those if you just do a Forum Search. One of them is very likely to meet your needs.

There is not a gym there but Golds by Home Depot has one

LittleRascal LittleRascal
Mar '17

The Riverfront fitness station/trail is a pretty awesome free equipment workout!

Mar '17


At one time, you could use the gym at Centenary if you paid a fee and were a Hackettstown resident, but apparently now it's for students, faculty and Centenary workers only (for a fee). I know because I looked into it, since I am much more at home in a college gym or Field House like we had at Slippery Rock University, than I am at some regular type commercial gym. Of course our Weightlifting and Powerlifting clubs on campus had our own dedicated facility in the basement of one of the older gyms on campus, but that was for the days and times we were doing hardcore training for lifting meets. That was a pretty much machine free zone with free weights, lifting platforms, benches and squat racks - virtually nothing else. For universal machines, an 1/8 mile indoor track, universal machines (and balance beams, I beams & pullup bars for those of us who were free climbers) you went back to the field house.

The pool's a different story of course and has certain days/times when open for Hackettsown residents to use it.

Phil D. Phil D.
Mar '17

What's at the riverfront station?

Hopeful Hopeful
Mar '17

The Hackettstown Hospital also has a gym. Various payment options --- like senior discounts, no weekend use discounts, etc.

happiest girl
Mar '17

HRMC and Synergy in Mansfield both have gym memberships within their Physical Therapy areas for a price ranging between $35 to $38. Physical Therapy patients get priority use of all equipment at both locations.

Senior Exerciser
Mar '17

Yes, sorry I mixed up 2 places. It's Riverside Gym that has the various payment plans I mentioned.

happiest girl
Mar '17

It's Riverfront Park (next to the river)... and it's for outdoor jogging, running and conditioning (a variety of exercise stations)

fire251 fire251
Mar '17

Be careful of Gold's if you decide not to renew you have to notify them 2-3 months in advance, otherwise they expect you to pay for the extra months after you cancel.

hktownie hktownie
Mar '17

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