Planet Earth 2

In case you didn't know --- it starts this Saturday.
I can't wait !!!

happiest girl
1 week ago

Heck yeah! The first series was incredible. Is it Attenborough again? Best voice for the medium imo.

Dancicus Fighticus Dancicus Fighticus
7 days ago

thats gonna look amazing in 4k

Yes he is Dancicus. It is a great series for sure.

I loved the first one! I liked Sigourney Weaver's narration better than the BBC guy. I am recording the second one. Can't wait. Hopefully Comcast will behave that night. Haha! Enjoy it, everyone.

sparksjbc1964 sparksjbc1964
7 days ago

If you missed the original (or want to see again) it's running all day long today on BBC (channel 114 in comcast service)
Planet Earth 2 is on tonight on AMC (28) / BBC (114) / SUNDANCE (165)

happiest girl
6 days ago

Thanks for the reminder !

One of the big reasons for this one is the filming in high def. I definitely suggest watching tonight on AMC 889 which is the same AMC network as 28 but it's the high def station out of all of those.

Does Comcast have bbc America in 4k? It's on satellite

I've only seen the first episode of Season 2, The Islands and it was incredible. The Marine Iguanas had me like.....

weebiekins weebiekins
6 days ago

Brad - Comcast has BBC America, but only non-HD. That's why I'm recommending the AMC HD channel.

AMCHD is channel 43 on optimum

4catmom 4catmom
6 days ago

Does Comcast have bbc America in 4k? It's on satellite

Comcast DOES NOT have 4K yet. I have a 4K TV, but Comcast does not offer a 4K box which you need for 4K. I called them and was told that they are developing a 4K ready box.

Clyde Potts Clyde Potts
6 days ago

That stinks does your TV have apps ? Maybe there's one for BBC - We got a Roku for that reason (to watch 4K feeds)

Re: Planet Earth 2

I'm watching for sure.

"Hello Mr Attenborough. Are you gonna talk about tuna?"

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