Cast iron radiators

Does anyone know where these are sold? What they go for these days? I have them in an old house I just bought and need to replace them. Thanks!

Try calling Warco here in Hackettstown. They are a plumbing supply business.

(908) 852- 3973. Clayton will answer any questions.

I'm curious why you have to replace them?
I have a 70 year old house with the original radiators.

happiest girl
February 16th

We own a 200 year old house with the original radiators -- never had to replace a one.

Sometimes it's best to restore the original.

Be careful - I had a house in pburg with them and one sprung a leak under pressure. They can fail.

Restoring your existing cast iron radiators is a possibility if they are not leaking but just unsightly with many coats of peeling silver paint on them.. They could be sandblasted to remove all the paint built up over the years and then have them powder coated. Restored vintage radiators may be more attractive than any current new radiator (that is if they are even available). This may be a less expensive alternative to replacing them.

February 16th

Waco in Hackettstown can get them for you, they are expensive, I can't remember what I paid for it but I know it was. Also Clayton is no longer there he retired!

My brother-in-law was selling some from his historic home. They were listed on the 'Hackettstown Garage Sale' page on Facebook.

February 16th

I have one if you are interested. Free, you just need to pick it up in Hackettstown.

"The authorities have said that the girls, Ibanez Ambrose, 2, and Scylee Vayoh Ambrose, 1, were found by emergency responders just after noon on Wednesday after a radiator malfunctioned in their apartment. The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office said the sisters had died from overheating and thermal injuries from exposure to hot steam."

you really need to have them tested especially if they are old.

You can pressure test them with air .

Sounds like you have some great options right here.

We love our radiators! They had quite a bit of paint on them but each time we paint a room now my husband puts a wire brush on his grinder and takes them back down to the metal so we can paint them again without lumps and bumps.

Skippy ,NYC provides high pressure steam to customers(100psi+) once inside the building it is,reduced down to something safer for residential use. Locally a home with a steam boiler for heat the pressure would only be about 5psi a lot less dangerous than high pressure steam!

Sure agreed but hot water on you hurts and if you are not home destroys your hardwood floors - just sharing an experience your mileage may vary

Hot water is not steam.

Clarification Clarification
February 17th

Thanks everyone!

PV native PV native
February 17th

Single pipe steam radiators are not under pressure. The steam ones in NYC are usually two pipe pressure systems. we have a 3 story house with steam heat (26 cast iron radiators, most more than 100 years old). Refurbishing is much less expensive than replace, for one thing shipping a 400 pond cast iron radiator is not cheap.

Best bet is to find one at a local antique place or salvage place. There are modern radiators that are not cast iron available, I have heard bad things about them so would never consider them. But your mileage may vary.

you can test for leaks with 25 lbs of air pressure, do not need a lot , not likely they leak, just be sure to drain them of any rust / crud that has accumulated inside ( makes them less efficient , as it takes longer for them to heat up ) .

Can even use a water hose to check, just need warm weather !

Good Luck .

Sounds like a plan

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