Singling Mingling

I know this has been brought up in the past a few dozen or so times, but who's game for getting together and going out as a group... of just the single people please.

Dinner, meeting up at a local bar for live music, wineries, etc

Open for ideas and suggestions.

Anyone, anyone, lol

nutty nutty
Feb '17

Looking for things to do with groups and singles, check out There are lots of interests, events for every age and status.

Good luck with that !!! Single , married doesn't matter ...doesn't seem like anyone ever wants to do anything ! Many have tried and failed lol

What age group?

Happymom Happymom
Feb '17

We used to have fun get togethers at our Hackettstown Life Happy Hours. I miss the good times.

Mansfield mama Mansfield mama
Feb '17

This area is very difficult in terms of a social scene. I second meet up and heading east, even 15 minutes east is more lively.

Re: Singling Mingling

Hi, been here a year and still trying to meet singles? Retired easy going gentlman, just looking to "get out" again. Enjoy woodworking, play golf and bocci. (Brand new email, cause old loaded with too much junk! So bare with me on response). Anyone up for "Winterfest"?

glenn roth glenn roth
Feb '17

Wanted to see if theres an interest in starting a "Meetup" locally, for "board gamers" here in Hackettstown? Or just a group to get together and go out once in a while?? Comments???

glenn roth glenn roth
Feb '17

I missed this post back in February, so I'll be the one to kick start this topic again. Statistically speaking, sounds like its doomed already though. Bunch of slackers around here.

I've been in Hackettstown a year now. I get it; its not really the place for singles and dating, but anyone looking to just get out for an hour or two? A bite to eat? Cup of coffee? Drink at a bar? Anyone else not looking to meet their soul-mate, but just get out and pass a little time?

I'm willing to meet just about any day if people are interested. That's not a statement of desperation, either! lol. I have friends, but I'm a guy, and my friends that I go out with are guys. So, yes, I miss the social aspect of just hanging out with a woman. I'd gladly buy a stranger dinner; I hate dining out by myself!

Perhaps Mansfield Mama could comment: Was there some sort of recipe for success when you used to have these events that people actually attended to? Was it just luck? Persistence? Locale?

Mike in LV Mike in LV
May 17th

This is very true. The last time I had a great conversation 'out' my son was in the dentist chair and I was chatting with the dentist and his assistant!

hktownie hktownie
May 17th

Mike in LV - Yes, we used to have successful get togethers (all welcome, not just singles) all the time years ago. Not sure what happened. It seems that nobody wants to commit to anything anymore and are always canceling at the last minute too. Seems to me people have more excuses than a convict heading to jail. Sigh....

We did have an opening day MLB get together in April. Five of us were there.

Calico696 Calico696
May 17th

Maybe you could start meeting for Breakfast at different places or maybe at Marley's around 6pm??? That might give the attendees time to relax after work and then head to Marley's and eat and talk. If you post it on HL, hopefully people will come out.

Mansfield mama Mansfield mama
May 17th

I wish you all the best, and I hope your quest to meet people is a success. I know this forum used to have a pretty successful lunch group too but that sort of died out.

Not anyone's fault, but I wish this site didn't bring up and Plenty O' Fish every time I come into this forum because of this topic. Now I have to avoid this at work for a while, LOL.

Aquarius Aquarius
May 18th

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