Car Mechanic

Looking for a reliable inexpensive mechanics around town?

I found a great mechanic through this forum years ago. There are other threads out there on this topic. I go to Scotty G. Auto MD. The most honest mechanic I've ever met. Yes, very reliable.

Valley Auto on Main Street


mohepinoke mohepinoke
January 10th

Camp's or Valley

Search previous posts, a lot of recommendations out there.

Went to Dimensions for the first time recently. Very happy with their service and impressed with their honesty!! It's on East ave.

concernedfriend concernedfriend
January 10th

If you actually want it fixed right, try On The Move Auto- right behind Leo's and the bridal shop on Main Street. Knowledge and service gets it done well here.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
January 10th

Scotty G. - he has been faithfully maintaining my vehicles for years and I have yet to question anything he has recommended, said, or done!

Valley Auto on Main St. ,, the Best !

January 10th

Riverside Imports on Rt 57.

Shutterbug Shutterbug
January 10th

Scotty G +++1

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
January 10th

Scotty G!

Luckygirl Luckygirl
January 10th

A old family friend and a great mechanic ..John Camporini at Camps..908-852-6113

Scotty G replaced my alternator. Used incorrect hardware and it came loose. Broke down on Route 80. Had car towed to auto repair place in Denville. They found that an obviously wrong-sized bolt caused the alternator to almost fall off and the car stopped running after all the warning lights came on. They were nice enough to install a new bolt for free, re-mounted the alternator, and the car was fine. I will not bash Scotty G because the previous repair was fine. I like Scotty, but am afraid to take my car back there. I've been using Hoff's Automotive on Grand Ave ever since and have been very satisfied. YMMV.

I second HMI.

Tibor/Riverside Imports. He is in The Shell Station on Rt.57 right next to Dairy Queen. Most honest man/mechanic I ever met.

Scotty G Auto MD, very honest, one of the only places I feel comfortable leaving my car, saying "go over it, do what ever it needs". No need to worry about having to remortgage the house to pay the bill! VERY HONEST AND DEPENDABLE

I've been using Valley Auto for years and have never had a bad experience with them.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
January 10th

Scotty G! He has been taking care of my Odyssey for years now..At one time it needed everything from not being used. When I got my airbags replaced at the dealership they did a free check of my vehicle, and found over a thousand dollars of work to be done..Went to Scotty and he said none was necessary..He has never lied to me, and always explains what needs to be done..And if I can wait a little bit, he tells me that too! He always has time to fix even the little things on my van(like changing bulbs) right away..None better..

Does anybody use Five Brothers at 289 Main St?
They are behind the lamp shop.

Valley Auto.

January 11th

John at Camp's is great. Known him for quite awhile.

Mansfield mama Mansfield mama
January 11th

Do any area mechanics still only charge $75 hr labor rates? I think most are $90 an hour now. I know Valley is $90 hr and I believe Camp's is as well.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
January 12th

Valley Auto is by far the best in town, I always go back there

H-Town Man H-Town Man
January 12th

Stay away from Hoff's! Place is a ripoff and charges you double of what others are charging! Went there once and for a road test charged me half hour labor for a 2 minute ride, oh and I knew the mechanic too! I never went back to that dump! Jeff at Main street was awesome and very honest and reasonable and I trusted him. Only set back with him was he was a little slow to get car done. Sorry he is no longer in business. Thankfully I took auto mechanics in high school and can fix a lot myself.

Sergio Qureshi Sergio Qureshi
January 13th

Scotty G is amazing and incredibly honest/trust worthy... so glad to see so many share my experiences.

My driveway. But for the few things l can't do, Hackettstown Motor Imports. Been using Ray for a long time. Good guy.

I highly recommend Dimensions on East Ave. I've been going there for many years.
The owner is positively honest, reasonable, and does great work.

Riverside Imports by Dairy Queen, is a good and honest place.

Z Car Service right outside the gate of Panther Valley. Very honest, fair prices and a 1 man show!

We've been using Hackettstown Motor Imports (HMI) for more than 4 years since Diamond Auto closed down. Nothing but good words and recommendation for HMI.

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