Book Store near Cemetary

The other day I was driving through Hackettstown, turned left onto, um, is it East Street? across from the Ihop/McDonalds at the light there. I noticed on the right side a little book store sign but couldn't catch the name, or what kind of store it is. Anyone know? Thanks!

That is New Legacy Books on East Avenue. We have donated a lot of books to them for re-sale. Their website can be found at

diesel diesel
Jan '17

My kids love it!! The more you buy the cheaper the books are. Spent $20.00 and walked out with a big bag of books. Something for everyone in the family!

concernedfriend concernedfriend
Jan '17

Loved it.

Dansker Dansker
Jan '17

I love it there so much! But I wish it was open more days that just 6 hours a week :( I can never get there.

I went there today and donated 2 books.

It is in the back of a warehouse, but the signs are good.

There were a dozen or so people in there and the clerk was nice.

Nice and clean, well lighted with 2 rooms of books, all nicely on shelves, all in good condition.

One issue. I was looking for several Fiction Books. They had shelves with major authors (Danielle Steel, Grisham), etc. All of the rest are just randomly shelved. (I guess I am just used to the Library) couldn't find any that I was interested in.

Books cost $3.99. If you buy 10 it is reduced to $2.99 and if 20 it is $1.99 each.

I read their website. They are a for profit business and donate to charities and had Logos to the ones that they donate to.

I just wonder how much they donate. No percentage of profits donated.

Actually I think $3.99 is a bit high for a used book. Can do better at Trinity Thrift shop.

Anybody else gone there?

Mom with Kids Mom with Kids
Jan '17

There's a fabulous used book and cd store in Branchville -
A fabulous place to spend a few hours. Book prices vary. Cds are 3bucks and the ones we bought are in like new condition. I highly recommend a visit here if only to browse.

4catmom 4catmom
Jan '17

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