Allamuchy General Store Accident 1/10

A tractor trailer just drove into the store!! The cab is actually in the store ! Not sure about injuries yet.

23marengo 23marengo
January 10th

prayers, its not that big in there..,

Bummer. I sure hope no one is injured badly as it states injuries on the first responder website.

That's horrible! I hope everyone is okay.

Seems no one was hurt...thankfully.

NJSkyWatcher NJSkyWatcher
January 10th


Re: Allamuchy General Store Accident 1/10

Another angle.

Didn't they just finish repairs from a previous accident from a couple years back? So fortunate that no one was hurt.

hktownie hktownie
January 10th

I hope Dean can get back up and running quickly! He's a good guy and works his ass off in there.
Glad to hear no one got hurt.

Chris Wyckoff Chris Wyckoff
January 10th

Mr. and Mrs. Pipes are sad and sorry that this accident happened, and we are glad nobody was hurt! Dean works very hard and is a good guy. We hope repairs can be made quickly and The General Store will be fully functioning soon!

MrsPipes MrsPipes
January 10th

Re: Allamuchy General Store Accident 1/10

Here's the inside

NJSkyWatcher NJSkyWatcher
January 10th

Wow, just wow! Glad everyone is ok.

Calico696 Calico696
January 10th

Holy hell !!!!!!!

Looks like damage to the building and chairs, tables, at least the deli and ice cream cases seem ok in the pic. Can they even back the truck out or do they need to prop up the ceiling first somehow? That is crazy!

hktownie hktownie
January 10th

Drove by and Service Pro was there. Front all boarded up.

Glad to hear no one was injured..

So glad no one was hurt. All the Allamuchy kids grew up going into this store/post
office every day. Loved the ice cream fountain. Hope it's up and running soon.

Jean Hendershot Jean Hendershot
January 12th

Any word on when they will reopen?

The owner was interviewed on WRNJ last week and said probably 3-4 months before the store will be up and running. He and his family actually live in the building and have been displaced by the accident.

It was announced at Trinity on Sunday that Dean donated all the food from the store to the Lord's Pantry at Trinity. What an act of generosity at a time of personal tragedy!

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
January 20th

Well, he has insurance and it should be insured along with business interruption coverage. It makes no sense to find a way to save the food which would cost money and what can be saved is questionable and an accounting nightmare. He probably ran this by his insurance company and after photos were taken to document...

Still better than pitching it

Ok and he could have easily just thrown it out iJay. What's your point? Obviously he thought about people who needed it and rather than throw it out he put it to good use.

Agreed metsman.

Dean, Thank you for your donation of food to Trinity. It was a very good decision. We are happy you will eventually reopen and hope the process goes smoothly. We look forward to again patronizing the Allamuchy General Store!!

MrsPipes MrsPipes
January 22nd

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