Snow Plowing

I've looked all over this forum for people that snow plow driveways locally, but for the life of me I cant find it. Any answers?

chipstearn chipstearn
Jan '17

I only sleet plow driveways. Don't do snow. :-p

btownguy btownguy
Jan '17

You might want to place an ad on HL. I bet you'll find some high school kids who would be happy to shovel!

Hello did someone say they need help with snow removal

Snowremover Snowremover
Jan '17

I have a plow on my quad I wouldn't mind helping you out . Pm me

Michael Michael
Jan '17

To snow remover ..... Yes I said "help" lol

Thank you all for your help...

Chipstern Chipstern
Jan '17

There is also an ad in the classifieds section.

Rob Scalera does our driveway and we've been very happy with him. 908-813-9828,

Thank you Greg and MB... I will call Rob MB.

Chipstern Chipstern
Jan '17

Any recommendation to remove snow from my driveway this winter? Thank you in advance.

Nov '17

Honestly, if your driveway is too large to shovel I would just buy a used 2 stage snowblower. The prices for snow plowing in this area are insane and can add up quick.

Nov '17

Any one know of someone that will plow a driveway in Sparta? asking for a friend.

stressed out stressed out
Feb '18

Any current recommendations for Long Valley area? Someone who takes care in detail including walkway too. TIA

Cassie Cassie
Nov '18

Seems like a crazy time of year to be asking this question I know, but ...
Does anyone happen to know of a person/company that does residential snow plowing in the Great Meadows area? I have tried calling some local companies but they all have said they only plow commercial properties. I’d really love to be able to find someone before winter gets here rather than trying to find someone when there’s snow in the forecast.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Greeneyeddi Greeneyeddi
Jul '19

Advanced Tree Care plows residential in great meadows

Do NOT use John “Johnny kash” Kasharian. Absolute nightmare to deal with.

Jul '19

I use Advanced Tree Care and they have been great. I have a kinda awkward driveway and it's not an issue for them.

Mr. Joe Mr. Joe
Jul '19

Thanks for the input! Last time I tried Advanced wasn’t taking on new people, but maybe things have changed.

Greeneyeddi Greeneyeddi
Jul '19

Tyler (908) 963-7641 snow plows for me and also shovels. I also use him to take care of my lawn. He does an excellent job. His ad is in the classified section with his email too.

Hopeful Hopeful
Jul '19

How quick would a 3 foot snow melt today...

I Second Tyler.

Thanks for the recommendation for Tyler! Got in touch with him and everything is set for this winter. So thankful I don’t have to find someone last minute!!

Greeneyeddi Greeneyeddi
September 1st

Any other recommendations? I called Tyler last October, but never heard back. House is in Hackettstown. Would need sidewalk, front walkway/steps, back walkway/steps and back porch and snow removed from driveway.

JennyBean73 JennyBean73
September 2nd

Greeneyeddi - Glad you were able to set something up.

JennyBean73 - I would try Tyler again. That is not like him to not return a call.
I've never had an issue with him. He is very reliable and does a great job.

Syd Chalmers at Branstone does mine in Long Valley, but i think he comes from Hackettstown. 908-528-7255

My only complaint is that he leaves some plowed snow up against our garage, so we do have to shovel that out to get out of the garage.

I called Tyler for an estimate on yard work this Spring. He came by, gave me an estimate, we discussed the same and then I never heard from him again. I left several messages.

Very disappointing ~ I would try someone else.

Good luck either way.

gwtwqueenie gwtwqueenie
September 3rd

I was hoping I could get a honest response out of my fellow towners on snow plow companies that do commercial buildings. Plow, shovel and salt. Sidewalks need to be shoveled also.
Anyone have any good recommendations?

1 week ago

Where is the building?

Next to the parking lot.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Anviro contractors

RoadKingRider RoadKingRider
1 week ago

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