Place to adopt barn cat

Can anyone recommend a place in the area that adopts out barn cats? Thank you!

LVres LVres
Nov '16

Pet Adoption League. Great group of caring people and we've adopted some great cats from them.

Rebecka Rebecka
Nov '16

I've seen this on Craigslist. You might want to check it out. They are a TNR and will deliver barn cats to you.

Hopeful Hopeful
Nov '16

Common Sense for animals has barn cats. I believe the adoption fee is reasonable

Nov '16

Yep they have a ton of barn cats

skippy skippy
Nov '16

Out of curiosity, what do you all mean by "barn cat"? Are these outdoor only cats that are sociable with humans (and expect to be fed), or am I missing this entirely? What type of accommodations would you need to provide these cats?

Brendan Brendan
Nov '16

If you are interested in Barn Cats,please contact us at I believe we would be able to help us out and we could definitely help you out quickly and at no charge! Hope to hear fro you soon.

Pete Herk Pete Herk
Nov '16

Just curious - why do you want barn cats?

Happymom Happymom
Nov '16

There are barn cats at mu shop ce and get 1 if you can catch them lol these kittens are fast

new name for feral cats ?

Steven Steven
Nov '16

Go to any barn and ask. Folks seem to think farms and stables need more cats and they are dropped off regularly. Not fair to the cats or the farms and stables, but they do their best to care for the cats. They are not normally neutered or spayed, so there are always kittens for them to try to find homes.

Ms Fishy Ms Fishy
Nov '16

I hope a thorough vetting of the proposed adopter will be performed by the adoption agency before rushing to adopt out any cats to this poster. I am aware of first-hand accounts where individuals were seeking to adopt animals for use in experiments, rituals, etc. These individuals looked for places to adopt animals at little or no cost. This posting for “barn cats” sounds like a ploy to get hold of cats in this way. Anytime an animal adoption is requested the adoption agency should at least check with the proposed adopter’s veterinarian. Also, they should ensure the proposed adopter is not on any “no adopt” lists. This must be done to ensure the welfare of the animal.

Or maybe LVres just has a barn with mice.

Rebecka Rebecka
Nov '16

Rebecca, maybe that's so. Let's see what LVres has to say.

I would suggest Barn Yard Sanctuary. They seem to keep the groups of barn cats together and adopt them out mostly as a whole. Barn cats are definitely not feral. They may live outside but socialized with other animals and people. They need to be fed enough food on top of what they can gather for themselves. Plus enough water is essential.

All the local shelters mentioned do a good job of vetting.

Lots of people want "barn cats" for many circumstances. They are great at controlling pests without using poison or traps. We have two indoor / outdoor cats, rarely do we get a mouse in the house, if one does make it inside it does not stand a chance. Adopting barn cats is just as nice as adopting an indoor cat, in the end a cat gets a home. And adopting a barn cat that was born outside and is used to being outside is better than adopting a kitten and sticking it in a barn. Good luck LVres!!!

Jesse123 Jesse123
Nov '16

There are so many barn cats waiting to be adopted and I hope you get a few and give them a second chance of life. Otherwise they stay in a cage and will never see the light of day. Also some are semi feral but will do the job and still feel comfortable around you. People who take care of feral colonies understand this.

Natari Natari
Nov '16

Have been "adopted" by many a barn cat and each has unique personality and indoor/outdoor habits which tend to change over time. No two have been very much alike, even the two we have now.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '16

To the person who PM'd me: to find their contact info go to

Rebecka Rebecka
Nov '16

Posting for a friend.. Her dad passed in Pa and he had about 15 cats he would feed outside. .She's looking for a place to take them. She called all tbe shelters in Monroe County and they wouldn't take the cats said they were full. Does anyone NEED A Few Barn Cats OR HAVE A Suggestion? TIA

Stressed out Stressed out
Dec '16

Same suggestion as adopting from - have you checked with Barnyard Sanctuary yet?

I looking for a farm/barn cat to live a semi wild life around barns & chicken coops. Looking for strictly outside cats. Could be a good life for the right pussy. I prefer a cat that’s a hunter & a cold blooded killer: mice rats chipmunks squirrels baby ground hogs. Any thing that will steal chicken feed or veggies from the gardens.

Weedwacker Weedwacker
March 14th

St Hubert’s in Ledgewood (formerly Noah’s Ark) has 10 barn cats available on their website .

Quiet One Quiet One
March 14th

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