Allergist Recommendations?

Hi, does anyone have a recommendation for an Allergist in the Hackettstown area?

There is an outstanding one in Succassunna right on the Parking lot across from the Shoprite where all the shopping is. Brick building. The name is Dr. Thomas Giangrasso.

Victor Victor
Aug '16

Bumping this thread because I need to see an allergist to be tested for a copper allergy. Would prefer not to go out of the immediate Hackettstown area. Anyone know a good place to have this done? Also, has anyone been tested for a single specific allergy like that before? Is that a common procedure to do by itself or will I have to have a full allergen test done? I don't think it will be covered by my insurance, so any info on costs to expect would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

Katherine Katherine
Mar '17

I had routine allergy testing done in my ENT's office but I don't believe they test for a specific metal. BTW insurance paid for the testing.

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '17

bumping this up to see if anyone has additional recommendations. We used to see Dr. Oppenheimer, but he no longer comes to Hackettstown. Looking for a good allergy doctor to do allergy testing not terribly far from Hackettstown.

Spence Spence
Aug '17

Ok, ancient thread with no recommendations and my newest was blocked.... any recommendations for allergy docs locally?

rleaf rleaf
Jan '19

Katherine, get a hair analysis.
ARL labs. they test for heavy metals and minerals, etc.

Hackresident Hackresident
Jan '19

Dr. Bigelson is the best! He is off rt 10.

Jesse132 Jesse132
Jan '19

Agree with Jesse123 ! Dr. Bigelson is the best. Wish he would move to Delaware so I could continue to have him as my allergist .!

Mariann Mariann
Jan '19

I heard an interview with Dr. Bigelson on WRNJ last spring and did further reseach on him because he seemed like he was very passionate about the science of allergic response.

I was impressed, and it appears he has endured some health challenges of his own.

Thought the practice was moving to Patriot's Plaza on Rt.46 (next to Taste of Italy) but don't know if he is there or not...

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
Jan '19

they say best to try local honey to alleviate some allergies.

steven steven
Jan '19

thank you for the recommendations and thoughtful suggestions

rleaf rleaf
Jan '19

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