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Found some old threads on car rentals in the area. I was looking for some "fresher" thoughts. I was inclined to rent from Enterprise in Mansfield, but it seems like they have geographic limitations on where you can take the car that may not work for me.

Any thoughts on alternatives?

Route 46
May '16

Budget/Avis across from the police station. Rented from them last week and they even have a drop off/pick up service.

Baci's mom Baci's mom
May '16

Hertz is across the street from Katarina's Florist shop

A co-worker goes to ABE airport and picks up her rentals there. They are cheaper, have unlimited mileage and she can even take car out if country (Canada). Seems like a long drive but it really Isn't that bad. Always an option to keep in mind.

May '16

I always use smarty Marty's across from Quick Chek on Mountain Avenue they're so nice to deal with and are very reasonable

Alex Garabrant Alex Garabrant
May '16

The Enterprise in Washington on Rte 31 (just north of Asbury-Anderson Rd) is usually cheaper than the Mansfield office, since they are in different "zones" according to their personnel.

For example, I've found that a one week rental is $50 less when rented from the Washington office as compared to Mansfield.

Plus, Enterprise offers a three-day weekend deal (Friday thru Sunday) for $9.99/day that with taxes/fees totals $49. The only caveat is that your total mileage cannot exceed 300 miles.

That being said, I've also rented from Budget, and their service is very good too. Price them both since their rates may fluctuate based on how busy they are for the dates you need - the old supply-and-demand effects both their rates.

JerryG JerryG
May '16

I have used Enterprise personally and for business. I always negotiate price and have gotten more bang for my buck. Free upgrades and they are flexible if you are returning vehicles late. They never charged me for an extra day.

Costco...think you have to be a member though. If so, you can still use their site to get an idea of prices. Yes, Jerry G is correct. If going with Enterprise it's cheaper to pickup at the Washington location on Rt 31 rather than Hackettstown. The Enterprise in Easton gets me even cheaper prices than Washington per the Costco site:

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
May '16

Budget/Avis - they are great...helped and are still helping us out. Jimmy is great to work with. You can tell him Pam referred you.

animal lover animal lover
May '16

Rentals from airports are usually cheaper and offer unlimited miles. That being said i have rented from the Enterprise on 57 and drove to Michigan and back with some friends in a van (Granted that was 5 years ago). Also you can sometimes get really good deals off of Expedia or Kayak that look for cars in a geographic area. I am even planning renting a car from Newark airport for a single night to drive to the airport for a 6 Am flight, as it's so much cheaper than a limo. (A friend will drop me off at the airport the day before at lunch time, and I return the car at 4 AM for about $30, instead of $150 limo ride.)

Agust Agust
May '16

Thanks all...still deciding what I want to do but all comments are appreciated

Route 46
May '16

Wondering which is more economical .....
Is it better to reserve a car rental in advance for a vacation ...... or rent one at your arrival at the airport?
If a travel agent does it for you in advance there a hidden commission you pay for the travel agent?

happiest girl
Jan '19

It’s like an AirB&B for auto rentals.
Huge savings and virtually everywhere.
Used them in Fla.

Stymie Stymie
Jan '19

If you rent in advance, you can see the costs for each rental company, the cars they have, & then determine who you want to rent from instead of waiting till you arrive at an airport. Also, you don't need a travel agent, you can search & rent online.

In advanced is better because you can get better pricing.

As far as a travel agent, there are some that due have extra fees but not all do. I never charge clients fees because all the suppliers already pay me.

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
Jan '19

Renting without a reservation is quite a bit more expensive. It's one of the nasty little gotchas of the business. They'll sell the last regular car to someone without a reservation and get good $, and then the next person right behind them with the reservation gets some triple sized SUV with poor mileage that no one wants. If the person with the reservation says no, they have to pay for an upgrade to get a mid sized instead of the regular car.

Yet if you have a good record with the company, and they want your business, they offer you a choice of several "thank you" alternatives like a Mini, convertible, or Challenger. The person behind the counter has lots of leeway of what you may or may not get.

Despite a reservation ahead of time, I've rarely gotten the car I chose. But if you don't do that, you really pay.

Checked online for car rental today. Seems they are all closed on Sundays. Odd! Doesnt help me! GRRR.......

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
May '19

BBU- You could try to call the rental offices at an airport. I would think they are open. You could perhaps get some pricing info, etc.

I needed to switch a rental while in Denver last July and the only Enterprise location open was the airport facility. However it was July 4th.

Thanks Greg. I needed a rental today, from this area. Car broke down. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Will be on the train.
Thanks again.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
May '19

I just recently rented from Enterprise on 31 in Washington, unlimited miles, took it all the way to Georgia and back.

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