Spring Festival 2014

Does anyone know if the Spring Festival is being held this year? If so, when? where?
Thanks so much!

Laura I. Laura I.
Mar '14

First weekend in May

Nosila Nosila
Mar '14

How did I miss this post :)

Yes, the Spring Festival is May 2nd - 4th - as I get more information, I will certainly pass it along!

Here's the link from our webpage, when we get info on which Exhibitors, Local Food Vendors and Sponsor, we'll be updating our page!


Hope this is helpful!


Advance Tickets are Now on Sale!

Pre-Sale Tickets are now available at:

Jack Scissor Wiz
Fulton Bank at the Crossroads and Mountain Ave. branches
Mama's Restaurant and Café Baci
Panther Valley Pharmacy
Hackettstown BID Office
Warren County Chamber Office

$20.00 for a sheet of 30 tickets (rides are 3-5 tickets each).

Will they be doing unlimited ride wristbands?

jrsemom jrsemom
Mar '14

Yep - Friday Night and Sunday Afternoon :)

FYI - Quimby Mountain Band will be playing the Spring Fest Sat. night :)

trekster3- trekster3-
Apr '14

Any businesses interested in being an exhibitor, don't forget to contact Irma at the Warren County Chamber Office -


Check it Out - Battle of the Bands on Sat. Night!


WOW, 8 posts and no complaints yet! :-)

Calico696 Calico696
Apr '14

Wait for it..................................................

Clyde Potts Clyde Potts
Apr '14

LOL calico, they haven't run out of candy yet :)

darwin darwin
Apr '14

darwin - You should have said, "they haven't run out of FREE candy yet." ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
Apr '14

Entertainment Update!

Starting in the afternoon, event organizers will be hosting a Battle of the Bands competition taking place from 2-5:30 p.m. under the Dining and Entertainment tent.

All interested bands (or singer-songwriters) must apply in advance to be considered for the competition. CDs may be dropped off at the Hackettstown BID office, 219 Main Street, or links to music may be emailed to staff@hackettstownbid.com. Please include a short biography and contact information with your submission. Special consideration will be given to original music, but not entirely necessary. All styles of music are encouraged to apply. The deadline for entry is April 24, 4 p.m. Bands that are chosen for the competition will be notified by Friday April 26.

The winning band will receive $150 in BID Bucks, good to spend at most businesses in Hackettstown.

Following the Battle of the Bands, the evening show will feature performances by ‘Buck Dilly & Live Bait' at 6:00 pm and ‘Quimby Mountain Band' starting at 8 p.m.

In addition the event organizers are looking for Exhibition groups for Sunday Afternoon from 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm. Call the HBID office for your group to be included in the Exhibition!

Calico-wait until the festival is over. Bet there will be some. Use to take my kids to the festival when they were little. They loved it. Miss doing that.

Apr '14

I believe that was a reference to someone complaining that they ran out of free candy to give away last year.

btownguy btownguy
Apr '14

I heard there were going to be fireworks, is that true?

Natalie Natalie
Apr '14

btownguy - Not just last year, it's EVERY year. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
Apr '14

Natalie - it was researched, unfortunately there is not enough room to do it safely with proximity to homes and the hatchery.

So, if anyone knows some groups that would like to do demonstrations / exhibitions at the Spring Festival on Sunday, have them contact us!

The time slots are filling up and it looks to be a nice variety!

Oh bummer. Understand though. Thanks Wendy. We will be there - can't wait! Hope it is a nice warm day!

Natalie Natalie
Apr '14

Latest and Greatest info!

Don't forget advance sales tickets are now available and we're looking of exhibition performance groups for Sunday!

The Spring Festival is coming back to HKTWN May 2nd - 4th - Look for your favorite carnival rides, local businesses and food vendors. The 22nd Annual Spring Festival will once again be held on the fields behind Centenary College - 5th and Reese Avenues in Hackettstown. Mars Chocolate North America and Hackettstown Regional Medical Center are returning as a major sponsors of the event and are sure to have a large presence at the Spring Festival.

Look for the return your favorite rides from Blue Sky Entertainment, WRNJ Live Broadcasts, entertainment tent, local food vendors, artists and artisans as well as regional business vendors. and community groups. Let's not forget Mom! Mothers Day is coming and visitors to the Spring Festival are sure to find a unique gift for Mom's special day.


Sat. 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM Battle of the Bands!

Sat. 6:00 PM - Buck Dilly & Live Bait
Sat. 8:00 PM - Quimby Mountain Band

2014 Spring Festival Hours
Friday, May 2, 6-10 PM
Saturday, May 3, 12-10 PM
Sunday, May 4, 12-6 PM

Pre-Sale Tickets are now available at Jack's Scissor Wiz, Fulton Bank at the Crossroads and Mountain Ave. branches, Mama's Restaurant and Café Baci, Leo's Lunch, Panther Valley Pharmacy, the Hackettstown BID Office and the Warren County Chamber Office. $20.00 for a sheet of 30 tickets (rides are 3-5 tickets each).

Wristbands! Pay One Price wristbands will be available for purchase at the Carnival Friday night ($30) and Sunday afternoon ($25).

Sponsors, artists or performers who would like to participate are encouraged to contact Jim at the HKTWN BID office, 908-850-5004.

If you would like to be an exhibitor or a food vendor at this year's Spring Festival, - contact Irma at the Warren County Regional Chamber of Commerce Office, 908-835-9200

Exhibitors Scheduled To Date

AAA Mid Atlantic
Abilities of Northwest Jersey
Bath Fitter
Breakpoint Community Church
Compassionate Care Hospice
Celestine's Catering Company
Centenary College
DB Food Concessions
First Hope Bank
Fox's R Nuts
Grecian Delights
J&J Concessions
Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice
Kidz Play
Kitchen Magic
Leon's Funnel Cake/French Fries
Nutmeg Concessions
Petal's n' Pine & Precious Things
Warren County Community College

Don't forget to look for both the Warren County Regional Chamber of Commerce and Hackettstown Business Improvement District information tables!


The 2014 Spring Festival is brought to our community by the Warren County Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Hackettstown Business Improvement District, along with the following sponsors:

Mars Chocolate North America
Centenary College
Hackettstown Regional Medical Center
Rossi Chevrolet
Smith Motors
Johnson Dodge

Those with vendor or sponsor questions, should contact Irma at (908) 835-9200.

For answers to general questions about the Spring Festival, please contact the HKTWN BID office - 908-850-5004 or staff@hackettstownbid.com.

Can you still buy advanced tickets? If yes, when do sales stop?

MonksMom MonksMom
Apr '14

Extremely talented dancers from Dance Expressions will be performing on Sunday at 3:00. These talented young ladies have been invited to perform in Walt Disney World this summer! Stop by on Sunday and check out their Disney show right here in town!

ImOnSaxton ImOnSaxton
Apr '14

MonksMom - Yes, Presale tickets are still available up until Friday Morning at most locations - BID office until noon on Friday.

Pre-Sale Tickets are now available at Jack's Scissor Wiz, Fulton Bank at the Crossroads and Mountain Ave. branches, Mama's Restaurant and Café Baci, Leo's Lunch, Panther Valley Pharmacy, the Hackettstown BID Office and the Warren County Chamber Office. $20.00 for a sheet of 30 tickets (rides are 3-5 tickets each).

trekster3- trekster3-
May '14

Is the only place wristbands are for sale for tonight/Sun at the Carnival, or are there presale locations?

Tiger Parent
May '14

Hi Tiger - there are no presales for wristbands, they must be purchased at the Carnival.

trekster3- trekster3-
May '14

Does anybody know the limitations for the rides for the little ones? We went last year and my older child was allowed to ride, but my youngest was not. We are at the age now, if she sees big brother riding & she can't we'll have a meltdown. I believe they went by age and not height? Any info would be appreciated.

booboo booboo
May '14

One last plug!

Just saw the Funnel Cake truck just come through town!!

Ride, Over 30 Vendors (including lots of HKTWN Bid members), Music, Food!


Okay one more - Social Experiment!

If you take a photo and post to FB or Twitter from the SpringFestival, please give it a tag! ‪

It's not posting right but put the little number sign / hashtag (Shift3) with Springfest14 or HKTWN - We can't wait to see everyone having a great time!

I'm dropping my son off at the entrance tonight to meet up with friends but I don't know where the actual entrance is. Is it on fifth?

jrsemom jrsemom
May '14

Sorry jrsemom - didn't see this - the entrance to parking is at 5th by the Hatchery School that might be a good place for drop off / pick up.

trekster3- trekster3-
May '14

So, we're getting ready for Day 2 of Spring Festival - Crews are already on the ground getting it prepped and ready for the next round of Carnival-goers - This afternoon has MUSIC! Featuring - The Rileys, Good Sky, Water Street, Buck Dilly & Live Bait AND Quimby Mountain Band. Food, Rides, Vendors - Come out and Enjoy!! and don't forget to tag so we can see all the fun you're having!!! ‪#‎hktwn‬ ‪#‎springfest14‬


trekster3- trekster3-
May '14

Last Day of Spring Festival!
Well, it's the last day of Spring Festival 2014! From 12-6 come out and enjoy the Food, Rides, Vendors and Fun!! Performances today by Young Performers Workshop, Dance Expressions and Centenary College Theater Department #hktwn #springfest14 http://www.hackettstownbid.com/news/2014/3/hktwn-spring-festival-may-2nd-4th

trekster3- trekster3-
May '14

Great fair again this year! As always, the vendors were welcoming and generous! Good job Hackettstown BID!

Thanks Res2 --- Judging by the photo's and video's we're seeing everyone had a great time - a couple of weather wrinkles, but otherwise a great weekend!

Thanks to all of the hard working Volunteers, Staff, Vendors, Performers, WRNJ and everyone else who made this event possible!

If you missed a vendor or would like more information about our vendors and sponsors, they are listed on our website!


I attended the Spring Festival with my Family.

The festival really appeared to run smoothly.

Thank everyone that gave their free time and Mars for the generous donations of candy.


Sweet Pea Sweet Pea
May '14

I love Spring Festival! A great time to get out, meet your neighbors, say hi to those you haven't seen all winter. Free candy is always welcome. Thanks to M&M for their generosity. We do appreciate it. My only concern is that we seem to have rain most years at this time of spring. Have the organizers ever considered moving it a few weeks into May for the chance of better, less rainy weather? I know, we live in N.J., it rains a lot here. Just a thought. Very organized, parking was a breeze. Thanks to the fire dept.

The Spring Festival was very nice and enjoyable as always. Thanks to the Sponsors, the Bid, Centenary College, the Volunteers, RNJ and all those involved who contributed their time and effort to this event.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
May '14

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