Looking for someone who fixes garage door openers

not sure if it needs a new garage door opener of just adjusting - wont open all the way up when you push the button on the opener

I just fixed mine, and the issue for me was the placement of the metal guide that sits on the track (the "clip" that the door catches on). It took me a while to figure out that the metal guide has to be closer to the opener.

Not sure if my sloppy explanation helps, but it could be a place to look.

Best of luck.

Re: Looking for someone who fixes garage door openers

Could be springs that need tightening. Recently had that problem. Hunterdon - Warren Overhead Doors LLC, 495 West Hill Road,Glen Gardner, NJ 08826 (908) 442-7163. They have been good to us and also build beautiful doors. Also really like Active Overhead Door Co.,185 Quakertown Road, Pittstown, NJ 08867 (908) 832-7093. Both very responsive companies with reliable people.


"NICE garage doors!!"

Mr Negative Mr Negative
Dec '13

Carl from Close Brothers in Ledgewood 973 927-4141. They were recommended on another thread back in 2009, so I contacted them in 2011 for a problem I was having. Very professional and reasonable.

Chickadee Chickadee
Dec '13

I second Hunterdon-Warren Overhead Doors. I needed a spring replacement and the nicest gentleman came within the hour, replaced both springs, my light bulb and a broken window pane in the garage all for an unbelievably low price. I couldn'have been more satisfied.

Tanya Tanya
Dec '13

In the past I had to change the batteries in the remote, and clear the area where the sensor is located. Both of these are cheap fixes, and they both worked.

Ms Fishy Ms Fishy
Dec '13

Close brothers are great!! Just used them in last month.

Jolly Jolly
Jan '14

"Up and Down Garage Doors" 973-770-2960. Fast, honest, and reliable workers. They've worked on a few of my properties. Easily the nicest guys whom have the most fair prices I've come by.

I didn't think I would be reading this thread tonight LOL. About 10 minutes ago I heard a loud bang in the garage. Went into the garage and didn't see anything and figured maybe it was just all this wind tonight. Well I look up and I see that one of the extension springs on one of the garage doors snapped Grrrrrrrr!

Needless to say I'll be calling one of the recommended companies above in the morning. Anyone know what the going rate is to replace the extension springs? After a quick Google search it's said both should be replaced at the same time even though the other isn't broken.

Had a similar issue in 2008. Only one snapped, but I had both doors repaired. When the spring breaks, and that door falls, it is loud! If you were standing below it at the time, it would not be pretty. The repair included the main springs, some smaller ones and bearings. Including labor, it was under $300.

Vic, That is correct, garage springs are rated in cycles, so the other spring is not far behind it. I am currently looking into converting my big garage to torsion spring setup over the old extension spring setup. Torsion springs have many benefits, plus are way safer if they ever snap. You can also use a side mount opener with them if you prefer over the hang down type openers.

Darrin Darrin
Jan '14

Now I want torsion springs!

My buddy recently built a garage and made the doors out of wood he salvaged from the old garage. 650 lbs apiece... You should see the size of the torsion springs, lol.

ianimal ianimal
Jan '14

Re: Looking for someone who fixes garage door openers

That is scary, if the springs ever fail the door is liable to kill you if you happen to be under it! Holy crap! I would of love to see how they wound them......thats gotta be one big winding bar and very dangerous! How in the world to you get them to stay put on the torsion bar? Most of these springs have set screws, under that much torsion how to they not twist something?

Yup, Torsion springs are the best! If they fail there is no way they can cause any damage from flying metal. Here is my side mount opener I recently installed on my smaller garage. I absolutely love it and it is dead silent even with the garage mounted to the side of the house.

Darrin Darrin
Jan '14

We just had this exact problem- had to even ask my husband if HE created this forum thread! :) He fixed it himself, and had to adjust the travel distance and the up force- if you have your owners manual, it should tell you how to do this on your specific model, that's how he learned about these! The door has been opening fully ever since!

Good luck!

LuvMyRescue LuvMyRescue
Jan '14

Once again, the forum came to our rescue! We called Close Bros. today and Carl came to repair our door within 2 hours. He spent a long time with us, showing us how to maintain the door ourselves. Great find!

Mom of 1&1 Mom of 1&1
Aug '14

Ditto close brothers. I saw them recommended here in June. I needed new doors and opted for new openers too. Carl came out went over the doors. placed an order. He also recommended auto door openers that I found on sale at Lowes..When the doors came in in July, Carl came out and took out the old doors and tracks, replaced them with the new doors and put in the door openers all in about 4 hours by himself. Very reasonable, professional and we love our whisper quiets door openers and garage doors. We have had passersby compliment us on the doors as well. We were very happy and have no problem recommending close brothers, and Carl...

boobalaa boobalaa
Aug '14

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