Cost of having driveway plowed?

I have about a 60 foot driveway and im feeling like I might what to have it plowed this winter. Can anyone give me an idea of what you pay to have your driveway plowed? I don't really need references just cost. Thanks for your giving!!!

feeling old feeling old
Nov '13

my husband does plowing, avg he charges is $40 depending on shape

Nov '13

There are a lot of factors in figuring out the price.. Like is it flat is there a place to push the snow and a lot of other things.. Get 3 or 4 prices and make sure who you hire has snow plowing insurance..

Me. Tone Me. Tone
Nov '13

I've been paying $45 the last few years for plowing a 75' driveway. The guys also shovel my sidewalk and clear off the steps.

Nov '13

Really, look and ask around, you can find cheaper than those cited

pmnsk pmnsk
Nov '13

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