CPR/AED certification (classroom)

Hi all:

I'm going to get certified in CPR/AED (Heartsaver via Red Cross) for a health care career and was wondering if there is a test at the end of the class?

I presume, after all the hands-on work, there would be one.

Health care professionals, please feel free to chime in :-)


Yes, there is a test at the end. Usually, it's an overview. If it's a Basic Life Support class, there is a written test.

Sep '13

Yes there is but it is very easy.

Helper Helper
Sep '13

I have taken the class and the test also. If you pay attention in class, the answers to the questions are pretty obvious. Good luck and wear comfortable clothing.

mansfield mama mansfield mama
Sep '13

I just did a First Aid class in June and there was no test at all (written or first aid demonstration). I was a little surprised because in the past there was an actual written test. I also was CPR certified at another place and there was no written test, just demonstrate that you can perform CPR on a dummy.

sunshinenj sunshinenj
Sep '13

No test just demonstrate CPR on a dummy if u can't pass this class you shouldnt be driving a car lol

Sep '13

I just became CPR/AED certified thru my job so I didn't have to pay a thing! They wanted all dept supervisors/managers to be trained in the use of the company's new AED (automated external defibrillator) and of course CPR. We received training first via an online course followed by hands on classroom instruction with a dummy.

Usually heath care workers need a BLS certificate. It is good for 2 yrs. Yes there is a short test at the end and it is not hard.

aaeadena aaeadena
Sep '13

An AHA BLS course will include AED instruction and there is a short written and practical test at the end. Not difficult if you study and don't complicate the basics. You should consider this course if you are pursuing a career in health care that involves direct patient care. Good luck!

Townies Townies
Sep '13

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