Questions re Nail Salons in Hackettstown

My first question is: are any open on Sundays? Second: Does anyone do a pink & white gel set?

KDubsinHtown KDubsinHtown
Jul '13

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Re: Questions re Nail Salons in Hackettstown

Most are NOT open on Sundays. Maybe try Wal Mart. I did not like the p/w gels. I went with p/w acrylic. Much stronger that gels. I go to Wonder Nails. Tina does my nails. I do pink with color. Right now I have a really cool turquoise blue.

Wild Angel Wild Angel
Jul '13

Elite Nails by PANERA and Donna's Nails on 46 and Wolf Rd are both open Sunday's.

happycamper happycamper
Jul '13

Pure Spa is open Sundays.

Lifeistooshort Lifeistooshort
Jul '13

I second Pure Spa, I would ask for June she is great!

just saying is all just saying is all
Jul '13

Sage nails in budd lake are also open on Sundays.

rierie rierie
Jul '13

I've been going to Pure Spa since they opened several years ago. It's very nice and they do good work. June is excellent and very nice.

MrsPipes MrsPipes
Jul '13

I go to Wonder Nails on Main Street in Hackettstown for acrylic nails and they do a great job :) For pedicures I go to Pure Spa. I have had my nails done in the past at Pure Spa and they use the powder acrylic and glue. It left my nails bumpy and they lifted within a few days. I prefer the liquid acrylic. My nails are sturdy and look great for two to three weeks in between fills.

catlover1 catlover1
Jul '13

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