HL Sunday Breakfast - 7/21 Mt Lake Fire House

Open to everyone, this Sunday the regular gang will meet at 9:30 or there abouts at the Mt Lake Fire House for their most excellent breakfast buffet.

From the calendar:


I'm glad you posted this GC, I was just wondering about it. I will be there for sure!

The Duke and I plan to be there....

joyful joyful
Jul '13

Me too !

Mindy'sMom Mindy'sMom
Jul '13

If Bergey is up to it maybe I can drag him out . It is a bit early because it takes me a while to get him ready. I am going to try. If we aren't there do not worry we will make the next one.

Christine Christine
Jul '13

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Re: HL Sunday Breakfast - 7/21 Mt Lake Fire House
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