property tax deadline

Hello Everybody.

I don't know why I didn't get my property tax bill yet. I called a few weeks ago and they said the latest I will get this week. I didn't. Did anybody else get it?

Jul '13

It always comes in late this quarter.

They will usually have a two week extension on the deadline and it usually comes in the last week in july.

Darrin Darrin
Jul '13

Just got mine yesterday

botheredbyu botheredbyu
Jul '13

Haven't gotten mine yet either. I'm in Oxford. I usually don't get it until the end of July.

Calico696 Calico696
Jul '13

Got mine in Hackettstown today.

copygirl copygirl
Jul '13

Got mine in h town today they went up again vomit!

Jul '13

Independence- still didn't get ours.

Magpie Magpie
Jul '13

Just got mine, Andover...and must be some sort of computer error...25% increase?!?

Sadly I doubt it's a computer error JJ3 - I got mine on Friday for Allamuchy and it was about a 50% increase. I'm just sick over it!

angry taxpayer angry taxpayer
Jul '13

It would not be in error if it's new construction and either the prior bill reflected land only without any improvements, or if there was an initial dispensation that ran out. You should be going immediately to the assessors office with that question.

I wish I didn't get mine!

Toolboxsue Toolboxsue
Jul '13

not a new construction home (of at least 5yrs ago), nor prior bill "land only" (initially once 5yrs ago, saying been paying updated/improvement bill for 4 straight years since house was purchased), sorry but not sure (or could look up/find what means) about/if it was 'an initial dispensation that ran out' - Nonetheless, thank's for the possible explanations, and help :)
And yes, I will ask the assessor, but didn't Christie cap the Property Tax increase to 2%? - May need a reporter or lawyer to know what happened/who approved this jump/"property tax gouging"

Christie capped the amount of spending they can increase to 2%. That affects the rate, not the assessment.

We just refinanced our house in February. The appraisal of the house was about 50,000$ less than on the Property tax bill. Does it worth to do something about it? We can't sell the house for the price that is on the tax bill.

Jul '13

Cornflower, you can challenge the appraisal on your house, i did, but i think there is one particular time each year that you can do it, but definitely worth looking into.

This is if you live in hackettstown, we are appraised at 100% home value, so what is on your tax bill should really be your home value. They had stuff wrong on my house, they had me as a three bedroom when i am actually a 2 and stuff like that.

I have heard of other towns appraising homes at 150 or up of home value, but they offset the tax rate so you are not affected by it. They do this so when they apply for government aid, or grants they are in a different financial bracket.

Darrin Darrin
Jul '13

My property tax bill came last week (Allamuchy) and my land assessment dropped by about $20k but the house value rose almost $4k and now my tax bill is about $300 less than last year. I wonder why the land value dropped so much.

Not complaining about the lower taxes, mind you ha! just wondering.

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