Lorraine Moore Psychic

I am curious to know if anyone has had any sessions with Lorraine Moore in Washington and what was the outcome? I have many friends that have went and agree with her 100%. I personally have gone and I am not sure if I just do not want to believe what she is saying. Some of the things were spot on, some were iffy and others I could not justify because they were in the past of something that I did not see happen. Let me know of your stories!!

Kbellz Kbellz
Jun '13

I saw her almost two years ago. Everything she said that would happen in the future, within a few month never happened and still has not. As far as communicating with people from the other side that have passed, there was one person that came through. She knew details and his name even. I was very impressed with that. The other ppl she tried telling me, I did not know and still don't know who she was talking about. Overall, I would not go back. I was more interested in seeing what she had to say about the future and that was a total flop.

villani villani
Jun '13

Love her...and will go again.
I had many people 'come through' from the other side. She knew a lot about them. The future stuff may be a little off, but I won't know since she spoke about my daughter and her future career (she's only 2 1/2).
I have sent, at least, 4 people to her since and they all love her.

If I may ask, what is her fee?

Tanya Tanya
Jun '13

I went to her about 6 years ago hoping a recently deceased friend would come through. He did! She knew details of how he died, which were only in police reports. She also knew a few things that only my friend and I could know. Her info on my future were not spot-on nor have any of those things happened. I believe her gift is speaking with the dead. I left her office finally feeling a peace knowing my friend was ok. She charged $175-$200.

LuLu22 LuLu22
Jul '13

I used to go to her 18-19 years ago... She predicted the careers of my kids who were babies at the time... She knew strange things that no one could ever guess. Like how my dad dies with hout finishing the floor in the living room, and he was happy with the brown carpet.. how my cousin's casket had a beer can and an arrow in it... who could ever know that?
I've been looking for her, and just decided to google her... I will be going to see her soon!

mapriestman123 mapriestman123
Oct '13

Sorry if I'm offending posters but why would you pay someone $200 to hear this stuff? Of course she's going to tell you that your loved ones are at peace. Please come pay me half that and I will tell you the same thing.

ms_warren_county ms_warren_county
Oct '13

Wouldn't she know you were coming to see her? You should just be able to show up...

boobalaa boobalaa
Oct '13

I believe this is the person the my mother in law went to 20 years ago after my brother in law died. Not only did my brother in law come through, but the so did his friend that died from the same accident. She knew details of the accident that wasnt published in the papers. She also new about his dog that disappeared out of our yard after he passed. She new her name. How could she have known that?? She did make predictions about future births and she was spot on, including the premature baby. I'm not a huge people in people who claim to have the ability to talk to the dead or predict the future. But Lorraine is definitely one that I do believe in.

Cheryl71 Cheryl71
Oct '13

Maybe I just had a bad experience, but I went to her twice. The first time around 6 years ago and then again last year (my best friend begged me to go and paid for my session...). Both times were a waste. I had written down everything she said the first time (6 years ago) and NOTHING she said would happen did happen. My friend thought it was great, but I noticed that she was giving Lorraine a lot of info and Lorraine seemed to be building on that. I, on the other hand just sat quietly and said nothing. When she asked me questions I tried not to give info just yes or no's. Just my experience.

emily111 emily111
Oct '13

For those interested the Warren county Library on route 46 is having a psychic on Saturday October 18

ex sci teacher ex sci teacher
Oct '14

I had a couple of readings by her and she came to my house with 'ghost busters'.....she was accurate with a lot of things. Many detailed that she could have never known prior.

There are too many 'coicidences' that points to some people are gifted and she's one of them.

Summer Summer
Oct '14

I have known a lot of psychics over the years, and I have become slightly psychic myself. I knew a lady in Canada who located several bodies for the police, and was pretty good about connecting with those on the other side. She only charged 100$. I have met quite a few psychics through prayer groups, and they charge nothing. I have never met a pure psychic who could successfully read the future, even if they could accurately communicate with those who have passed. The closest thing to a future reader that I ever met, was a tarot reader.

Ashua Ashua
Mar '15

I have heard from a friend about a fantastic tarot reader around here, but I forgot to ask the name....


Ashua Ashua
Apr '15

I went to Lorraine about 12 years ago with 3 of my friends. Maybe it was just an off night, but we all wrote down every word she said and nothing came to pass in any of our lives. She was very expensive at the time. I don't remember the fee exactly, I just remember talking on the way there about for the price she charged and how for that high price it better be good, because the lady on Liberty St - anybody remember her? - just took a donation of like $5 or $10 bucks at the time and was spot on with a lot of stuff.

When we were done none of us were impressed with our readings and we all went to the old lady on Liberty St a few weeks later, gave her $10 each and got great readings. It was kind of disappointing really.

Personally, I feel this ability is a gift and when you start charging crazy fees you lose the gift. It seems to me all the really expensive people stink and the people that take only donations or charge a few bucks are awesome.

Just my opinion.

Heidi Heidi
Apr '15

Lorraine Moore had a group session last fall hosted by the Port Murray firehouse ladies auxiliary. It was great! It was wonderfully entertaining. Good food, good vibes and fun time. She explained very thoroughly her background and how she "sees" those who have moved on. She was dead on in retrieving details from events in the past for a number of people, and even named names and certain details from my husband's family that occurred many years before. It was uncanny. For those who had contacts come through that evening, it was something else. I don't necessarily believe alot of this but there's no way to explain how she could describe some of the things she said about my husband's family, or some of the events she recalled for other people who were there. I would go again!

denise denise
Apr '15

I have a better way to talk to the dead. Guarantee to work and will be a lot less money dig a hole in the ground stick your head in and Holler real loud

Apr '15

Here is a free reading for ALL! Sometimes you sleep so good..... sometimes you don't. You experienced back pain and it comes and goes. There is a slight leak of water in your home. Someone you know is going through a rough time. There's good luck coming soon.

sallysimpson sallysimpson
Apr '15

What I don't get is what is the purpose of those "talking to the dead" readings? The reason I ask is because people always say things like "she knew how my dad died and only family knew" or "she knew the special name my grandmother called me when I was little," stuff like that. But what does that do for anybody?

They always tell you fluff things like that, but never important things like "grandpa hid the million dollars in a box, in a hole, behind the garage" or "your aunt Sue wants to warn you not to move to Florida because you won't be happy" or at least SOMETHING helpful. So Lorraine knew that someone was buried with a beer can and an arrow - so you spend $200 to hear her tell you stuff you already know?

I guess I would rather do a Taro reading or a numerology chart - at least they give you direction (if you believe) and tell you pitfalls to look out for and issues that might come up.

Heidi Heidi
Apr '15

Heidi, sometimes hearing those things brings people comfort.

Ollie Ollie
Apr '15

Aot of it is for your comfort. If great uncle Ted didn't tell you where he buried his gold maybe he didn't want you to know. But if your favorite great uncle Ted died in pain and discomfort, a psychic might reassure that he is now at peace and no longer in pain...which we know, because he's dead. But it's for those who are left behind and have fond memories who want that reassurance.

denise denise
Apr '15

Does it really make sense for me to pay someone to tell me that grandma called me pookie or that grandpa died eating his favorite cereal? Nope, not really. Yet, I would rather spend money on something I KNEW to be true rather than something I can only hope comes true.

If you get tarot readings or numerology charts how do you know ANY of that will ever come to pass? or that the pitfalls you are warned about will even occur? You don't. Therefore, that one would be a complete waste of money.

I would say...save your money, take life as it comes, enjoy what you can while you have it. Nothing lasts forever.

I have a 'D' name coming through. anyone here have someone close that passed with a 'd' name?

brown bear
April 5th

JRT, that's fine for you but maybe not for everyone. The lack of tolerance on this forum anymore is so unnecessary.

+I ollie.... If I want to spend my money on psychic why should anyone else care. It's personal choice and belief . Too many right riders on this forum!

outsider outsider
April 5th

I predict that any public forum will bring controversy and humor. I also see(past and future) that this forum will be very helpful to a lot of people. Today I see that many will be traveling, families will be together, although I do feel animosity may take hold for some of you. To brown Bear...... I'm a better psychic than you. I feel a "B","S", and an "F" coming though... very strongly, for everyone! All kidding aside....I hope everyone is safe. Happy holidays to all!

sallysimpson sallysimpson
April 5th

Lol! Ollie & outsider... Feel free to spend your money as you wish.. I was actually addressing the post above that asked why people would spend money to hear about things that they already knew.

Forgive me if it came across as though I cared about anything that you do with your life....because I can assure you, I don't!

Lol JRT.... I don't believe I mentioned you or your name in my post! You certainly are uptight .....chill out already

outsider outsider
April 5th

JRT, thanks for the kind works. Seems you're not intolerant just mean.

Why should anyone care if you spend money on this charlatan? I certainly don't.

I do, however, think this snake oil salesperson should be locked up for taking advantage of people in an unstable emotional state. Science says it's fake. Are you on the side of science?

I mean no offense to anyone except these creeps that are taking advantage of people. Especially those people who are emotionally distressed.

Everytime I see a commercial for the Long Island Medium, I think people today must have the same whimsical misunderstanding of the world as our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. It's actually quite shocking.

April 5th

Hmm ok outsider. I guess I must have been mistaken I thought that "+1 Ollie" meant you were agreeing with what they said? lol!

Ollie, I'm mean? You are the one that called me out in the first place!

Really in the big scheme of things does it matter what I think anyway? or anyone else on this forum? People share their opinions on topics...some will agree, some won't. Not a big deal, it happens every day.

Just herd this morning on wrnj at the Allamuchy Store they are having psychic readings during the month of April, what next?

Sally Jo
April 9th

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