Hackettstown Spring Clean Up

Does anyone know what type of items one would dispose of at the Spring Cleanup, when looking at the information on the Hackettstown website there are many "do not accept" and "do not accept without a fee", so what type of items are permissable?

Jean09 Jean09
Apr '13

It's literally anything that's not on that list - it can't be anything you would take to the Hazardous day in two weeks at the county facility, or anything that goes to the lawn/leaf at DPW, or construction materials, or everyday recycling. But I've seen them get couches and old chairs and lamps and dishes and strollers and a park bench and just about everything else.

FYI, here's the info from DPW - http://www.hackettstown.net/doc/2013-schedule-of-events.pdf

Wendy @ Hkt Bid Wendy @ Hkt Bid
Apr '13

Would be nice if they had a list of sample items that they accept. So if I bring an entire dining room furniture set that I can't sell, they'll take it?

RyanOMac RyanOMac
Apr '13

RyanOMac - Yes. And I've seen it by the truck load.

If you're trying to get rid of an entire dining room set, advertise it in the free column of craigslist...amazing how many people will come for stuff. Or put it at the curb Thursday night for all the people cruising for stuff. It seems a shame to throw it away. Freecycle is another option--there is a Hackettstown group.

Davis Davis
Apr '13

Sucks Mansfield twp doesn't have one.

Or bring it to Habitat for Humanity in Washington.

Christine Christine
Apr '13

I second putting it on the curb. We have done this many times and items are usually gone by the next day. We had to clean out a family members house and some of the stuff was so old and damaged, but people took it.

Sunshine Sunshine
Apr '13

How do you get rid of construction material? I checked both sites and its not clear.

Tweety Tweety
Apr '13

The cleanup document has a statement for construction materials:

"Homeowners involved in renovation projects within their household should contact the Warren County Landfill, (908) 453-2174, for options pertaining to construction material disposal."

That means you have to take it to the dump yourself and they'll charge you for it. The alternative a lot of people do is have a dumpster delivered and the trash hauler takes care of it all from there.

It also depends on the construction debris. They probably wouldn't take roofing materials but they have taken interior materials. I had 3 garbage cans worth of faux brick, drywall, and loads of old trim. They took it. They have also taken old doors and carpeting.

Make sure you ask the guys on that particular day first. I usually make multiple trips on said day. I just ask them to avoid any problems. They've never said no.

emaxxman emaxxman
Apr '13

When is spring cleanup ? Dates?

Mary Beth Mary Beth
Apr '14

Just took 2 van loads up to clean up. No line, it was great !!

Mariann Mariann
Apr '14

Cleanup today til 3PM, then again in Fall Sept 18, 19.

hktownie hktownie
Apr '15

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