I am unemployed and i am looking to help out and do some volunteering untill i find a job.. I was wondering if anyone knows how to help me to find out where the local places are that i can go to.. I would LOVE to do something with animals..Any ideas or does anyone know if there is any place that needs help?

Feb '13

Google Pet Adoption League NJ.

Rebecka Rebecka
Feb '13

Not with animals, but Habitat for Humanity in Washington (Rt 57 next to old Ames bldg) is always looking for volunteers.

botheredbyu botheredbyu
Feb '13

Common Sense for Animals in Stewartsville is always looking for volunteers.

Swifter Duster Hater
Feb '13

I volunteer at Noah's Ark on occasion. You can call them and ask to join their next orientation. They always could use dog walkers, kitty cuddlers as well as people to help out with their monthly supply drives.

Jazzykatt Jazzykatt
Feb '13

Pet Adoption League is looking for volunteers to take care of their kitties at the Mt. Olive PetSmart. www.palpets.org or info@palpets.org

They also do bakesales once a month if you are a baker or would just like to help out.

Feb '13

11th hour rescue and barks

I am a volunteer with The Barnyard Santuary and
We are always looking for volunteers. We have farm
Animals, as well as some cats and dogs.
We always need help with fundraising, building
Cat houses, pet adoption events, office help, placing posters
And donation boxes and baking.
Most of the work can be done from home
Too. If interested please contact Tamala 973-670-4477
It's very rewarding and will be helping many animals!:)

Barn lady Barn lady
Feb '13

Thank you everyone.. I am already looking into contacting some of these places.. I just want to help with animals and get out of the house a bit .. will also look into habitat for humanity.. thanks again

Feb '13

I know your looking for volunteering with animals, but if you can't find anything- I work at Hackettstown Hospital and we're always looking for volunteers! :)

Britt63 Britt63
Feb '13

Try the Hackettstown Public Library. 110 Church St 852-4936

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