car accident in allamuchy?

saw a black pick-up that had jumped the embankment and was in a wooded area this morning, lots of police cars but no fire or ambulance .... anyone know what happened.... ???family member said they drove by same area later and there was still quite a few state troopers. Hoping everyone made out ok.

mariek mariek
Nov '12

Humm....... where in Allamuchy???

Nov '12

Maybe you should join your local FD or FAS...This way you will have first hand information of whats going on.

Nov '12

Short version of the story.Drunk slid off the road late Friday night, removed his plates and started walking towards Johnsonburg. He then broke into someones house and passed out on the floor. The owner came down and asked wtf you doing in my house and the drunk got up mumbled something and walked out. The owner of the house called the cops and as of Saturday morning 9am they had not found him.

Swampy Swampy
Nov '12

That's what we call a winner folks :)

Swamby - i am wondering if this the guy they were sending out missing person nixle alert on saturday.

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
Nov '12

Making up stories with no corroborating evidence is fictional at best.

MikeL MikeL
Nov '12

Why bombard the FD with calls if this isn't a family member/ friend involved who you're concerned about? I'm sure that they have enough to deal with (plus I'm sure they won't give out information unless you're directly involved). Let's just wait for publications by the PD to come out.

Nov '12

MikeL, are you saying I made this up? How about a black pickup in the bushes with no plates on it for evidence? Puke on the homeowners floor?

Swampy Swampy
Nov '12


What were you doing late Friday night?


Lori... since '73 Lori... since '73
Nov '12

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