Cherokee Pow Wow - Vasa Park

Has anyone ever been to this event in the past? What was your experience? Is it good for kids?

gobison gobison Message gobison
Oct '12

Just a heads up, entrance fee $12 last year, parking $10, felt I got ambushed before we got in.

eapos eapos Message eapos
Oct '12

Save your money...All the events there are Ripoffs.

Oct '12

Although I did get a replacement silver w/stones wedding band there years ago for a very reasonable price. (I repeat: years ago)

Parking is only 3 or 4 $ and itsthis year 10$ to get in and not a rip off make sure you venture into the park for good food also

Greg Armstrong Greg Armstrong Message Greg Armstrong
Oct '12

I stopped by last year to see if it was worth it. I think that the admission they were asking was too much money for just a few vendor booths/performances.

Antimony Antimony Message Antimony
Oct '12

I hope that's not $10 for children too? Looking forward to checking this out.

nena nena Message nena
Oct '12

nena - The flyer from last year up on the Vasa Park web site says children 10 & under were free, 11-17 (and seniors) were $7, and then adults were $12. But Greg Armstrong above says the prices are down this year.

says admission is $12 for adults $7 for seniors and free for kids 10 and under

darwin darwin Message darwin
Oct '12

Nice idea but too expensive for the community in its present economic state. We all want a fun day with the kids but not at the risk of not eating for a few days.

sister j
Oct '12

I went to this Pow Wow last year and it was very good. It was in Union County in the past and transitioned here. One of the Chiefs (Long Bow) was sick, and they did a special prayer for him. The beauty of this particular Pow Wow is that it is inter-tribal and they recognize the tribal affiliation such as Taino and Arawak. So, this is not a new Pow Wow just new to the area.

Mother Atabey Mother Atabey Message Mother Atabey
Oct '12

I understand the Parking is conducted by Vasa Park members, and it is their money. Has nothing to do with the POW WOW. Correct me if I am wrong. I vote for free parking, otherwise you might as well be parking in NYC!

Gary Makus Gary Makus Message Gary Makus
Jun '13

On first question. Kidz are like little indians. As a former scout, would recommend it for children of cub scout and boy scout ages. (girl scouts and Royal Rangers.....). Would be good for a Troop. Maybe you can work out a group discount. There are trails to hike. Don't see why you can't incorporate an over nighter. Depends on how enlightened the Vasa Park people are.

Gary Makus Gary Makus Message Gary Makus
Jun '13

Where and when is this event? I am not seeing any info on details............would love to attend

mom of one mom of one Message mom of one
Jun '13

This thread dates from last fall, I'm not sure why It was brought back from the dead now...

There is nothing listed on the Vasa Park website regarding a Pow Wow at this point.

Nothing listed at the Sussex Fair gorunds either.

Greg Greg Message Greg
Jun '13

That's a shame. They didn't have it last year in Sussex either.

villani villani Message villani
Jun '13

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