any children's/family portrait studios nearby?

I'm wondering if there are any portrait studios nearby (other than Sears and JC Penney at Rockaway Mall). I thought I remembered one at the Mt. Olive Walmart, but it doesn't pull up on the search - so maybe it is no longer there. Also, the one at Babies R Us is gone. Any suggestions?

Spence Spence
Sep '12

There are some great photographers right here on HackettstownLife. I highly recommend Nosila for outdoor children's photos. Her work was awesome with my two very, very active boys! Not sure if she offers indoor/studio photos, if not I recommend Heart and Sohl Photography in Hackettstown for those kind of pics. I think this time of year is perfect for outside shots though.

There are probably some professional photographers that have studios. The only one that I can think is Forte Photography but I think Mr Forte passed away

My name is Tracy Kometani and I am a Portrait Photographer. My website is You can go there to view my portfolio. I have a studio and I also shoot location Portraits. I have been in business for 12 years. My studio is located in Long Valley, NJ.
Please don't hesitate to give me a call at 908-879-0012 for any further information.

Thanks, Tracy

TracyK TracyK
Sep '12

Alicia Rupprecht Photography, she's in Budd Lake and we use her all the time check her website she does great pics.

Heart & Sohl

Snow thank you so much for the compliment....I don't do indoor shoots as it's just not my thing to do the formal portraits.

Here is some of the work I have done....please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

nosila nosila
Sep '12

Beautiful pictures Nosila..I LOVE the babies toes with the rings on them.

Bessie Bessie
Sep '12
Washington NJ

2nd for Heart & Sohl --- They'll be doing some family photos for us again this year for my fabulous Christmas Card!!

trekster3 trekster3
Sep '12

Thanks so much for the great ideas! I have a question about Heart and Sohl, since I hear so many of you recommending them. Their website says they require a minimum of $250 worth of portrait purchases if you have a sitting with them. So, for those of you, like trekster who are using them for Christmas card photos, etc., does this requirement apply to any kind of photos they do for you?

Spence Spence
Sep '12

We use Picture People in the Rockaway Mall. Joann is the name of the photographer that I always book for my daughter. They are more reasonable cost wise than you would think. They have a zillion coupons out there and for the past 2 years I joined their photo club for extra discounts. I like that they let you bring your own props too if you want to.

Antimony Antimony
Sep '12

Brynne torres out of alpha. Great pics!

Enrsjr Enrsjr
Sep '12

As always, you'll get what you pay for, especially with photography. If you want standard mall photos, then go to the mall and that's what you'll get. Gear nowadays is so standardized that you can copy setups from place to place and get the same images here or anywhere else in the world. This is the goal of large scale businesses - that way they only need to pay inexpensive button mashers that do 'good enough' instead of skilled artists producing original, creative work.

An independant photographer like Heart & Sohl (who I also will recommend) will bring things to the table like personality, style, and a lower-overall-stress experience. They are professional photographers producing original works of art that involve your family and have been doing it for long enough to have a garnered a good reputation (which is not easy to do in service industries).

It all comes down to what you want. What exactly do you want?

Some Guy (Art) Some Guy (Art)
Sep '12

Jessi at Heart and Sohl photography is awesome. She has been taking pictures of our son and our family for almost a year now as we are a part of their First Year of Joy club. She always manages to bring out the best of us in the pictures she takes whether we go to her studio or an outside location. You will not be disappointed.

Soccrgrl08 Soccrgrl08
Sep '12

Click Happi. Lisa is one of the most beautiful people inside and out in this world that you could ever meet. You will definitely leave there extremely happy with your pictures and euphoria she spells upon you.

Realist Realist
Sep '12

Heart & Sohl has done great work for our family. I strongly recommend Jessi!

Mountain Mountain
Sep '12

I agree with Realist! I'm pretty sure they took our pictures at the street fair- great work & friendly people!
I'd definitely recommend them.
Not sure about Heart Sohl- I've heard mixed reviews about them.

TimeWar TimeWar
Sep '12

I take outdoor individual/family group portraits & am a Hackettstown-based photographer.

Feel free to contact me directly - to discuss.

Nick Scalera Photo Nick Scalera Photo
Sep '12

Definitely Heart & Sohl. Their photos are of such high quality. Their creativity is outstanding. They love to go outdoors. Especially with a beautiful Fall quickly approaching, I'd schedule with them right away. You won't be sorry!

Sep '12

I recommend Heart & Sohl photography. Jesse's work is phenomenal and she's very professional.

Collegeviewrider Collegeviewrider
Sep '12

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