Need Garage Door Opener Repair

Does anyone know a reliable person who
fixes garage door openers?
We used to use a man Mr. Bird, but can't find
him. He may have retired.
Any good references would be appreciated.

Susan Susan
Sep '12

Carl from Close Brothers in Ledgewood 973 927-4141. They were recommended on another thread back in 2009 (I did a search). Very professional and reasonable. I love this forum!

Chickadee Chickadee
Sep '12

I second the Close Brothers.

honey badger honey badger
Sep '12

Just to add to my comment, I not only found Close Bros on the forum but also had them repair my garage door opener last year. I highly recommend them.

Chickadee Chickadee
Sep '12

wouldn't a garage door opener fall into the disposable category? They start at $119 @ Sears.

Sep '12

Can you tell us the problem? A lot of smart (and smart-ass) people here, mabey we can help.
Many times it is an easy fix to the person who already had the problem.

Sep '12

Thank once again HL for letting me know of the the Close Brother in Ledgewood. Our close family friend used them and had the all good, positive things to say about them.
He arrived on time, fixed the problem, added extra saftey cables all for 87.
In addition he was very pleasant to her.

She was quite happy and does not understand how I find these wonderful people for her. I have let her know about Hackettstown Life forum. Her first language is Dutch, she English very well as well as French. She may have trouble navigating the forum and searching.
I do not mind helping out a friend, and I too appreciate the forum as the best place to find great service people.

Susan Susan
Sep '12

Close Brothers is great. I called them last week. They came (on time and called ahead) they fixed my door, barely charged me anything and never tried sell me anything. Carl was great. I recommend them.

Bikester Bikester
Apr '13

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