Is Weiss opening in the old A&P in Flanders

I just heard that Weiss is possibly opening in the old A&P in Flanders.
Does anyone know if this is correct and when is it opening?

morning glory morning glory
Jul '12

It would be weird seeing as the Flanders Shoprite was once a short-lived Weis.

don don "magic"juan 2-3
Jul '12

I have heard the same thing.

that rumor has been going around for almost 2 years...not to mention the rumor that Stop and Shop...was looking at that property...then there was the rumor that Kings supermarkets was moving in there...lets not forget the Wegmanns market rumor also...

oldman oldman
Jul '12

Whatever happend to the "rumor" about the Blairstown A&P becoming a shoprite?

Jul '12

I heard Kings and I have heard Trader Joe's. Last I heard was Kings

JessMphone JessMphone
Jul '12

the A&P in Blairstown turnover to ShopRite...rumor..was spread...all over...somebody was trying to make money off of that rumor...I heard that rumor everywhere I went...

get real!! Why the hell would Weis Market come back to a market they Failed in.

Mr Negative Mr Negative
Jul '12

Weiss and Kings are the same company in pa..not sure if they are related to the kings in NJ tho

Jul '12

Weis and Kings from PA...have nothing to do with Kings supermarkets from New Jersey...completely different companies

oldman oldman
Jul '12

The whole mall is up for sheriff sale(foreclosure) for 30million on july 19,if no bidders- it goes back to the bank.I am sure they have to wait until that is settled before any leases could be formed.

Taken away
Jul '12

Want to buy a mall???

Foreclosure Listing: Sutton Plaza, Mount Olive, NJ

Status: ( Open ) Auction appears to be pending.



Docket #:


Writ of Execution Date:



Bank Attorney:

McCarter & English 973-622-4444



Mr Negative Mr Negative
Jul '12

I thought that was what I just said.

Taken away
Jul '12

It was over a year ago when I thought someone said that no new store could go in due to the owner of property not paying taxes. I thought that was during the speculation of Stop and Shop going in after A&P left the mall. I can't see any store going in there with Shop-rite across the way.

youngnfresh youngnfresh
Jul '12

It appears to be true!!
They failed at that intersection in 2002. do they really think they can make it now???

Here is the article

Mr Negative Mr Negative
Aug '13

I used to work at the old Weis in Flanders, the biggest problem to their existence the first time around was the location - it was off Bartley/Flanders Rd, in that awkward intersection of the off "ramp" from 206 south and the short roadway leading up away from the traffic light under the train bridge. Since it was not an easy pull off from 206 and the fact there was little signage (probably due to local laws and ordinances) it wasn't desirable for many to just pull in and visit the store. then when the A&P came in, it just made things worse, everyone found it more worth spending a little more at A&P for the convenience of an easy pulloff into the parking lot.

Shoprite is doing well in the old Weis spot because, well the guy that runs the local stores - some guy by the name of Romano, seems to have an in with the towns to get whatever signage he wants...perhaps he has some "influence" to get what he wants? Who knows really... Shoprite is a more well known name as well, though like A&P you're going to pay more there (and they also put uniformed security guards at the exit which to me just telegraphs the message that they assume you're a shoplifter until you prove otherwise and they don't trust their customers, but that's a different story)

Weis may do better being right on 206 instead of up on that hill hidden, the one in Hackettstown seems to be doing fine, they're never going to compete with Shoprite directly (or Walmart), I don't know how people put up with the lousy parking in Shoprite and the layout and very narrow aisles, and then pay more but if that's what people like...

Elliot Elliot
Feb '14

I hope Weis does well and ShopRite continues to do well too. Competition is good for everyone.

Feb '14

Shop rite in Flanders is very successful for many reasons. The store is nice, clean and well laid out. The people that work there are very friendly. The produce, meats, and fish are fresh. There are always ample amounts of on sales items ie enough for everyone to get some. And lastly the prices are better then the other local stores in the area. Add all those up and Shop Rite in Flanders is a winner. I commend the management for such a great job.

Feb '14

I have been going to the Flanders Shop Rite more as they carry the brand of bread that my daughter loves the most. Some areas they are good, but not as good as the Chester Shop Rite for fresh produce or store prepared foods.

It is terrible that I find I will go to different Shop Rite stores depending on what I am looking to purchase that week. Keeps it interesting!


Coralie Coralie
Feb '14

The ShopRite in Flanders is owned by the group that owns the Mansfield ShopRite. A different group owns the Chester ShopRite and a third group owns the Washington, (Warren County) ShopRite. That's why you will find different items in each store.

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