Cash only doctor (internist or GP)

Does anyone know of a local doctor not affliated with a hospital. I don't mean one who doesn't have practicing rights in a hospital. Looking for a doctor whose practice hasn't been taken over by a hospital. My GP is now owned by St. Luke's. All doctors I have had that take cash only... have been top notch as they have the patients' best interest in mind, not the insurance companies, Medicare, hospitals or Obamacare. I need to find a GP or Internist that is cash only.

Taking Charge
Jul '12

Out of curiosity who was your former GP?

Jul '12

Let me preface by saying... I loved my GP. They are next to Burger King in Washington. Everyone seeing them now... has to sign up as a new patient (even though I was hers for around 10 yrs.) Sign a new privacy paper that basically gives pretty much anyone access to your records (except your spouse unless you sign another one), even their fundraising department! I will miss her very much.. but at some point I have to stop being a sheeple and stand for what I believe in. Electronic medical records are going to be the next big scandal when they are hacked... and they will be. Easy access to your SSN, address, illnesses, medical insurance numbers, next of kin... better than stealing CC info.
Ok, did you get enough clues? LOL

Taking Charge
Jul '12

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