Singer Ashanti paid $20K to speak at AC High School

Singer Ashanti was paid $20,000 to speak to kids at AC High School

Nothing wrong with that EXCEPT Atlantic City is an Abbott District school...paid for by the state's taxpayers. Someone needs to be fired. I don't blame Ashanti, just the clowns who thought this was a good use of money.

"ATLANTIC CITY — Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti was paid $20,000 to speak to kids at Atlantic City High School, according to a report in The Press of Atlantic City.

The singer was in town to perform in the city's multicultural festival. No city funds were used for her performance.

According to minutes from the school board, obtained by the newspaper, the singer led assemblies for seventh- and eighth-graders, met privately with students and was interviewed by the high school radio station during her June 1 visit. She encouraged students to stay in school.

School officials said the payment was typical for a celebrity speaker. “She was paid like any other vendor,” Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Donna Haye told the newspaper."

Coach Coach
Jun '12

Yeah... that's not a smart idea. I want my money back.

And this is another reason why Abbotts need to be abolished. Remember that HALF of your education money goes to them!

btownguy btownguy
Jun '12

If you look on the website where they list the Abbott Schools in Jersey, AC is not listed.

botheredbyu botheredbyu
Jun '12

Big surprise. A system based upon excessive spending. The question is, when will it stop. I say take the 20k from the superintendent's salary.

iJay3 iJay3
Jun '12


Not an Abbott school.

botheredbyu botheredbyu
Jun '12

botheredbyu - The district may not be an Abbott district but they are funded by federal and state revenue. So the question is where did the funding for this expenditure come from?

Jun '12

Rutgers paid Snooki 32K for an appearance & her talent is getting drunk & tanning.

Yes. I realize. My brain shifted Atlantic City and Asbury Park. Regardless, that 20k could have went elsewhere.

Btownguy Btownguy
Jun '12

"...could have went elsewhere."

Apparently true.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Jun '12

all of the apts you see when you first get off of the atlantic city expressway on both sides is goverment housing.Worked in there once for the state,police had to stay with us .Horrible place!!

crazy 46
Jun '12

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