Replacing Cleanout door on Chimney

At the bottom of my chimney is a steel clean-out door probably about 1 foot square. This door has rotted out and is not a nice access for mice and other critters. I have not been able to find anyone to replace this door or even a place to purchase a new one so that I can put it in myself.

Any ideas of where one can purchase a replacement, or someone who will replace it. I spoke to a couple of masons and this job seems to be too small to get their attention.


@Mark ... we did not have this type of repair done, but just wanted to throw out Mark Kendra @ Kendra Masonry as a recommendation. We had a small chimney repair job and he came quickly to do it and was reasonably priced. If you're interested his number is (908) 637-9876.

My old door broke, so I went to BlueRidge Lumber in Hackettstown. They had a replacement door. You can ask them on how to put it in and how to measure the size you need. I put it in myself. You can buy a bag of premixed cement and add water. Be careful to not add too much water as you want the cement to hold together and not run. I removed the old door and taking a hammer and chisel, I carefully cleaned out the old cement and door parts. Then washed the area with water and a brush to get all the dirt and stuff off. I then fitted the new door to make sure it fit. I then put a ribbon of cement around the backside of the door frame and pushed it into the opening. I then put a brace on the door and frame to hold it in place. Once braced, I cleaned up/smoothed off the cement to feather it to the wall/brick or stone and let it dry. The whole job took about an hour.

Mr 4paws

4paws 4paws
Aug '11

Thanks for the info 4paws I will stop over at Blueridge. Appreciate the help.


Chris Brands Construction 908-852-5050

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Aug '11

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