Amish Mike's Sheds

Has anyone bought a shed from Amish Mike's in Budd Lake? Or any other local place other than Lowe's or Home Depot?

Slade Slade
Jun '11

I bought one from Amish Mike 2 years ago he's a great local guy and sells very high quality products.He comes out to your site to check it over before the shed is built.I checked out Lowes and Home Depot they can't compare with Amish Mikes quality.

Amish Mike is highly recommended.

Jun '11

Confirming the above recommendations. Bought both a shed and a large pavilion recently. Found a small installation problem with the pavilion after the installers left, but Mike sent them back later to correct the problem.

Richard Richard
Jun '11

We bought one a few years ago & I highly recommend it. The big box stores can't beat the quality nor the service.

dafraf dafraf
Jun '11

A friend of mine purchased a shed from him a couple of years ago and was very pleased with the quality and workmanship. I would recommend him.

WOW!! These are terrific reviews. Definitely going to visit the store this week. After reading Gianna's thread about Deck Permits, I'm also going to find out if H'town requires a permit for shed....unless anyone on the forum knows.

Thanks everyone for your input.

Slade Slade
Jun '11

Yes they do slade........

Christine Christine
Jun '11

Thanks Christine..........doesn't surprise me at all that a permit is required.

Slade Slade
Jun '11

They do have very nice sheds--but they can be a bit expensive. You pay for the quality.

We got a new shed, last year, from Fox Run sheds, on Route 31, just south of Washington. Good quality and considerably cheaper. If you're on a budget, you might want to check them out, before buying.

Home Depot and Lowe's also have some pretty decent, basic sheds. The main reason we didn't just buy one, from either of them, is that we were looking for a shed of a particular size and style, and they didn't have it.

LoneWolf LoneWolf
Jun '11

LoneWolf, I'm glad you said it. I didn't want to rain on anyones parade, but I consider them to be very expensive. We checked them out and really liked the sheds but the cost was a bit much. My boss bought a picnic table from them, nothing fancy and it was unfinished. They paid $400.00 for it.

We ended up going with a guy from Hampton (can't remember the name) but he actually got our shed directly from the Amish. he did all the prep work where the shed was to be placed with gravel, weed mat. etc... it cost us about $2400.00

Oh, and the shed was a 12x24

We checked out all the local places before buying our shed, including Fox Run and weren't all that impressed. Lone Wolf is right though, Amish Mike had by far the better quality shed. Ultimately, we bought a 12 x 16 Dutch Barn from him. Plus, he did all the prep work.

Don't know anything about deck permits though. Sorry.

Jun '11

Yes, you can beat Amish Mike's shed prices, but his sheds are made with a higher quality of lumber. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Check out the grade of the lumber you are buying and consider the investment. Mike sells sheds using lower grade lumber, but does not recommend them.

H-Town Dad
Jun '11

Do they sell fencing?

washmom washmom
Jun '11

We bought a shed about 10 years ago at Amish Mike's and within 5 years had to replace the roof and now the doors are rotting at the bottom, so beware.

We have had our Amish Mike's shed about 10 years and have been very happy with it. When it came time to choose, we compared his to Lowe's and Home Depot and decided his quality was better. JMO.

LVMomOfBoys LVMomOfBoys
Jun '11

Amish Mike does sell a more inexpensive line of sheds as well, he just doesn't keep many of them on the lot. I ordered one for my business a couple of years ago just to store some office equipment - it was much cheaper than renting a storage space. Just your basic, standard shed, no frills but it seems to be holding up fine.

Jun '11

A few weeks ago I saw a coupon for sheds for Amish Mike's. I think it was in the My Clipper magazine perhaps? You may want to check around b/c my husband said it was a really good coupon and if we didn't have other projects to complete before getting a shed, I would have cut it out to use. :(Hope you find it! Check my clipper online maybe?

antimony antimony
Jun '11

we bought 2 sheds from Amish Mike and they are both gorgeous!

Denise Spina Denise Spina
Aug '11

I know Amish Mike gives a 10 year parts and I think he covers the labor for 3 years I think. If you have any problems with the shed,just call or email them

Aug '11

I have bought shed's from other places and believe you pay for what you get. The quality of the sheds from Amish Mike's is the best I have ever seen. I would recommend him to anyone!

Linda Linda
Feb '12

Has anyone bought a children's swing set/slide/fort from him?
How has it held up?

Spring Fever
Feb '12

If you are going with the purchase of a shed, check local permit laws. We installed a shed in Long Valley and had it about 6 years, didn't know we needed a permit to place it on our property. When we went to sell the house, we then needed to get a permit, pay a fine for not getting one initially and had to have the inspector come out. Believe it or not, to pass inspection we needed to anchor it down even thought it was heavy wood, 12x24". It was an amish built shed. The anchor needed to be nothing more than 4 green fence stakes (like you put up for deer netting). I don't know what they would have done but found out you need to ask what doesn't need a permit as opposed to what does. Just for info.

Thanks, I never would have thought of that, especially if the set includes a fort type structure!

Spring Fever
Feb '12

Do you need to get a permit if you are replacing an existing 8 x 12 shed with a new shed that is the same size?

need to know
Apr '12

Just purchased a shed from Amish Mikes. It is the best! They took the time to help me design the one that fit our needs. They delivered it with no problem (and I do not have easy property)! I would definately go back there again!! Awesome product, awesome place.

I went to Fox Run sheds in washington on Rt 31 to see about buying a new shed. Steve gave me the price and then I went to see Amish Mike. Amish mike could not come near the price that I recived form fox run sheds. I would say that if your in the market for a shed th check out the two places. Fox Run was $550.00 chapper then Amish mikes for the same exact shed. I think that amish mikes has way to much over head now...

Aug '12

Someone commented about the roof rotting and the wood at the bottom. I don't know about the roof issue but as for the bottom wood I can tell you about ours. First, we bought it many y
ears ago out in Knowlton and I'm not sure if it was Amish or not. Ours sits on a cement foundation. When it rained the water would run off the roof and splash down on the cement and bottom wood. I finally convinced my husband to put gutters on the shed. Ever since he's not had to replace any rotted wood. The only wood that now gets replaced is what the groundhogs have ruined. In some places we've put siding on it so that the groundhog can't get at the wood.

Magpie Magpie
Aug '12

We bought an Amish Mike's shed over 10+ years ago it might be 12 - the thing has held up beautifully.

No maintainence - no roof leaks...can't say that for the house.

Don't need a permit for a shed under 100' sq ft.

Benedictine Benedictine
Aug '12

Yes, it is my understanding as well that you generally don't need a permit for sheds under 100 sq. feet, and you don't need a permit for a replacing a shed. I built a shed at my last house on the existing concrete pad. Had no problems when I sold. Different town, but I think this stuff is fairly standard.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
Aug '12

Al's Shed World in Florham Park I gave a try after experiencing less then expected customer service from Mike's. I bought a shed from Mike at his old place, loved it, great service etc--back then. Then we moved to a new house, went to their new location for a shed. Not the same customer friendly service, can't say it was that one off visit either, 2 other visits after I had same experience. They do have a large selection, however Al's had the same quality (Amish, same features etc) as Mike's and I found him a bit less and he does have an off site lot with in-stock sheds as well as ability to order anything basically. I'm in need of a pool house, last visit was the last chance I gave them, it won't be from Mike's. Try Al's if you are in need of a shed or at least to compare.

riptide riptide
Jun '13

I bought a shed from Amish Mike's about two years ago and his staff was always extremely helpful. Very patient with all of my questions and helped me price out various options, they really held my hand until I found exactly what I wanted. I shopped around a lot and nearly everyone else treated my like I was annoying them every time I asked a new question. But everyone at Amish Mike's was so helpful that I became a "regular" customer and get my propane filled there, etc. and I always recommend them to friends, family and neighbors.

We just recently moved here and were in the market for buying a shed. We saw this message board and decided to drive out to Al's Shed World. First, it's much farther of a drive then we thought but then imagine our surprise when we saw they had no sheds on site. Instead the person tells you you have to drive somewhere else to see their lot. Too much driving around and after all that, not much of a selection at all. We then drove all the way back to Amish Mikes. They had to have atleast 100 sheds on site. We found the one we wanted and got it delivered to our home two days later. No hassles. I would recomend to anyone local go there first and save yourself a lot of time.

Jul '13

Fox run sheds in Washington on rt 31 is cheaper then Amish mikes sheds and also they are exact sheds too! Trust me people, look at fox run sheds! It's worth it!!!

Luck pick 6
Jul '13

Our Boy Scout Troop in Long Valley purchased a shed from Amish Mike's and was very pleased with the service and coordinating they did with delivery, etc. In Washington Township (Long Valley) the square-footage of the shed and the kind of foundation dictates whether a building permit is needed or not. There also can be an issue with property line setbacks and conservation easements when placing the shed so it always a good idea to check with the building department in whichever town you live.

Eileen Stokes Eileen Stokes
Jul '13

I bought a shed from Amish Mike right after my neighbor had his installed. Both are holding up nicely. I'm sure there are cheaper sheds out there but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of fixing it up all the time. I'd say that was about six years ago now and not one problem.

Jul '13

My RC club bought a large shed from Amish Mike and we were 100% satisfied. He custom built it to our specifications and delivered it to our field.

HeliMike HeliMike
Jul '13

Iive in Boonton and had a shed delivered today. The quality was spot on. The delivery guy Frank did a great job getting it onto a small spot on my property. He was a great reflection of the company. I would recommend Amish Mikes to anyone that wants a high quality item!

Barry Klein Barry Klein
Nov '13

I live in Hackettstown.... seems the size of the shed determines whether a permit is needed. If over 100 sq ft., permit is required. Size also can determine the setback from the property lines. Better be "safe" and check w your town. Also, permits were not expensive... less than $100 for zoning & construction permits... it just avoids "issues " down the road...

Ten x Fourteen Ten x Fourteen
Jun '14

I've met mike a few times and work with his wife, wonderful people!

Penningslandscaping Penningslandscaping
Jun '14

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