Big Thanks to New Beginnings Cat Rescue

If you are looking for a new cat you need to visit New Beginnings! We have adopted a lovely new cat and my wife and I would like to thank New Beginnings and Kim for helping us out. Everything was smootha and easy.

Furthermore, thanks to the Port Murray Police and Officer Sellit in particular. They helped us find a previously missing cat. The department and this stellar officer went above and beyond the call to aid us and it really means a lot to us.

So thanks again and please consider adding a new cat to your home. You are helping a great organization and providing a new, loving home to a cat who needs your love too!

Cheers to Kim and Officer Sellit!

Roy Mansfield Roy Mansfield
May '11

Roy - So glad your family has a new member. What is his/her name? Post a pic soon.

Calico696 Calico696
May '11

We too adopted a cat recently from New Beginnings, her name is Jasmine. She has one eye and was with them for almost a year. She is such a love and Kim and her entire crew do a wonderful jobrescuing these creatures! THANK YOU NEW BEGINNINGS! Their website:

MelissaM MelissaM
May '11

Roy and Melissa thank you so much for the kind words

New Beginnings New Beginnings
May '11

I have to agree. Kim from New beginnings is a kind loving person with a huge heart. She takes in cats and kittens that otherwise would have been put down. She saves them from death row and adopts them out to good homes. When you see a kitty come in for adoption, they have already been around young children and two dogs. They are so docile that you can't help but fall in love with them. They are loving because they have been loved. I strongly urge anyone who is looking to get a cat or kitten to get in touch with Kim, or come in to Pet Valu on weekends from 12-4 they have a great home, but they need a forever homes.

Keep up the wonderful work you do

Shell Bell Shell Bell
May '11

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