Local Bird Call - Sounds Like a Baby Horse

I have two birds calling each other at dusk every night. The calling sounds like a "neighing" horse, but high pitched - almost cute if that makes sense. About the size of a crow, but fluffy. I tried to take a picture, but it's too dark. I'm SO curious to know what kind of bird it is! He or she calls and the mate shows up.

Reggie Reggie
Mar '11

Re: Local Bird Call - Sounds Like a Baby Horse

This is all I can get for a pic.

Reggie Reggie
Mar '11

Try "whatbird.com". Site has bird calls. Great info!

Ashby Ashby
Mar '11

I think it's an Eastern Screech Owl.


--->Vocalizations: Main call sounds like mournful, descending whinny, much like a horse's neigh. The name "Screech Owl" is a misnomer, since the owl makes an actual "screech" only when extremely upset (i.e. a wild owl being handled, etc.).

Is it a small gray bird? What's around in numbers right now are junco's.


Thanks!!! They have been around for a while, always curious. Finally caught them this evening. :-)

Reggie Reggie
Mar '11

You're describing perfectly the call of an Eastern Screech Owl. If you look, you'll probably find the cavity where they are going to build their nest.

Found this interesting info:

"Breeding season for Eastern Screech Owls is generally around mid April, but may range from mid March to mid May. They have an elaborate courtship ritual. Males approach females, calling from different branches until they are close. The male then bobs and swivels his head, bobs his entire body, and even slowly winks one eye at the female. If she ignores him, bobbing and swivelling motions intensify. If she accepts him, she moves close and they touch bills and preen each other."


Rebecka Rebecka
Mar '11

Here's the Eastern Screech Owl song:
Is that it?

Ronnie Ronnie
Apr '11

Thanks so much, guys!!! It is absolutely the Eastern Screech Owl. Sounds exactly like this - http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Megascops-asio-2.mp3

Thanks for the links, all! ;-)

Reggie Reggie
Apr '11

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