Flat Soaker Hose Or Round For My Garden?

Already planning this years flower garden. Last summer was so hot we had to
water daily.
The problem is it tends to wash off the Deer Spray. I thought I would hook up a 50'
soaker hose.

I am not sure weather to get the flat or round? What diameter 1/2", 5/8"?

I am hoping to let it run for a while, as I understand the water comes out as a slow drip.
I have also heard it is more of a savings on water too, but not sure if this is true or not.
I have already purchased a "Y" connector to my outdoor faucet, so I could leave a soaker hose in place and still be able to have water for my containter plants.

I was also planning on hiding it somewhat with mulch.

If anyone has any tips for me or information about use of soaker hose, I would appreciate it.

Susan Susan
Mar '11

The soaker hose saves money because it puts water at the root of the plant rather than spraying it. With spray, the majority of the water evaporates on a hot day before being soaked into the ground/roots; same reasoning for why you should water your lawn in the early morning. Since you'll have less evaporation, you would water for a much shorter period of time - therefore save money. How much is variable based on your usage.

Hiding with mulch will definitely help to reduce evaporation as well as make it less noticeable. There's not much to a soaker hose other than just laying it around your plants. If you don't have a lot of plants that span a large area, then the hose is the easiest setup. If you do have lots of plants and/or a large area, I would go with a drip irrigation system (found easily at HD and Lowes). They are also very easy to setup and much more versatile. You also won't be watering empty without plants.

emaxxman emaxxman
Mar '11

Susan, what do you use for deer spray?

4paws 4paws
Mar '11

All I know is that I'm happy to see this type of post....Spring is coming :)

Nosila Nosila
Mar '11

I use Deer Off --- made in NJ where we aren't allowed to off the deer (at least with high powered rifles with scopes...) Tickners has it. Two years and hardly a bite.

I really like the plastic plug n play hose connectors. Let's me snap-on, snap-off different hoses and attachments quickly, don't seem to leak. They make brass ones too but so far the plastic has been working well.

mistergoogle mistergoogle
Mar '11

Deer Off. Definitely. For the rest, Emaxxman is right on.

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