How long do Stink Bugs live ?

And do they hibernate?

sandy t sandy t
Jan '11

Long enough to drive humans insane.

Rebecka Rebecka
Jan '11

I still have them and I can't stand them......they should start paying rent in my house. They are with me all year round......

Candace J Candace J
Jan '11

They live several years, they definitely don't just lay eggs and die every year. They go inside in the fall to avoid the cold. They don't really hibernate but more like rest - until they find something warm and then they wake up again. It's not like they get in the house and don't move again until spring. Any kind of warmth and they are active. They *should* go back out in the summer to eat, and should starve if they don't. Unless they've got some kind of food source inside.

Apparently FOREVER

Birdie Birdie
Jan '11

What *do* they eat? Plants maybe?

happy2bhere happy2bhere
Jan '11

I checked up on it from some Rutgers site that's trying to study them. It says fruits and berries. I know I've got a huge holly bush out front that seems to draw them in the summer. What they might inside it didn't say, but it did imply they like to suck the juice out of stuff instead of just gnaw on leaves.

How long do Stink Bugs live?.....................TOO LONG.... and if I find one.....NOT LONG AT ALL.

abbadabbadooooo abbadabbadooooo
Jan '11

Abba--that's very funny.

I've been "catching" them and releasing them outside. Hoping those little buggers will FREEZE to death. I don't want them to perfume my house. Sounds like another reason to remove the holly bushes from in front of the house that, for some reason, i just can't stand.

Amommy Amommy
Jan '11

23 yrs.

Jan '11

They are like the energizer bunny they keep going and going and going and going and going and going..............

One woke me up last night as it flew in my face. UGG FInding one veryday but where do they hide?

Christine Christine
Jan '11

Stink bugs live for at least three years. They hibernate where it is warm. There are ways to get rid of them, bunch of different methods but it takes a while to do. I found an article that explains their habits and it has some methods. Hope this helps.

genk thank you very good article

cowgirl1 cowgirl1
Jan '11

I noticed when we have the space heaters on, or the house heat up a little higher and its warm in the rooms, they come out. My daughter is petrified of them and wont put her heater on at night in her room. Every morning its ice cold in her room, but thats how she wants it. Under covers, so she's warm enough and NO stink bugs.

Ask China!

maddog620 maddog620
Jan '11

Christine, you asked where do they hide. Try looking in the pockets of your curtains, where the rods go. When I took down the summer curtains to wash I found at least 30 of the buggers in the bottom of the washing machine. I had no idea that they were even in them! After the first load of this happening I just took the rest off as fast as I could and dumped them into the machine with the water already running. I killed hundreds of them this way but still have a few now and then. When the winter ones come down I'm sure that there will be more camped out in them.

Magpie Magpie
Jan '11

I cleaned the boys room one day and they hide everywhere. Behind the pictures on the wall, behind the book shelves, under beds, behind the tvs, in the shades, they are just everywhere

Just Asking Just Asking
Jan '11

They seem to be just in our bedroom....its weird expcept for once or twice it always seems like there is one visibile somewhere. Then we get rid of it and another pops up. I read they dont even eat in the winter.

AAARRRGGGG they are everywhere this morning. What the heck they are crawling all over my papers on my desk... they are on the carpet of my office. Somebody kill me know this is so frustrating!!!

Little %^*)#*$#$ are also coming out again - probably due to the warm weather - I think they are in my house plants. I guess I'll throw out my house plants or place them in my garage....

htown newbie htown newbie
Feb '11

gross............found one on my toothbrush last night! UGH!

Curly Curly
Feb '11

I needed a couple of box's from my attic yesterday..since then I've had about 20 of the little bug-gers strolling around..costing me a fortune flushing them down the toilet..ever since I threw one in there last summer..wrapped in paper..did'nt flush..and when I went in later it was swimming around the bowl!

logow logow
Feb '11

Anyone see this?,0,2287900.story

Killed one yesterday on the ceiling with some windex stupid bug fell right into the drain washed it right down :)

shoebie shoebie
Feb '11

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