Avion Ceiling Fan

Got one from a friend who didn't like the brightness of the light for the room she got it for. It only is controlled by a remote control-no pull chains. I was wondering if anyone had an Avion fan ( I think they were sold in Sam's Club/Walmart awhile ago). We don't have any of the paperwork for it and I believe my little guy changed the settings (little pins) on the remote and now it doesn't work. Went to a lighting store and looked online and can't find anything except that these are cheap fans. Does anyone out there have one of these (remote) that can help me reprogram it? We've already taken the bulbs out so we can use the fan still. It was stuck with the fan going and light on.

blackcat blackcat
Aug '10


http://avionmfg.com/pages/nav_hilfe_us.htm - help page

hope that gives u answers if not i would call the company

shoebie shoebie
Aug '10

I couldn't find the solution on the internet either, but I do know there are many universal remotes out there, which may solve your problem if you can't fix yours. Here are some from Amazon.com:


This is a real pain in the butt. The one link, Shoebie, is a different Avion. Already found that. Can't find any info on the manufacturer of this fan. Not sure if its worth getting a "universal" since we'd have to take the fan apart, it seems, to retro fit it. Oh well, it was free and the fan at least works. My just have to play with the pins and see if we can figure it out. Thanks!

blackcat blackcat
Aug '10

there are dip switches on both the fan and the remote. When these switches match, the remote will work.

Aug '10

Yes, I can't find the switch on the fan. Either we keep trying to figure it out on our own or take the whole thing down and look for it. The guy at the lighting store said there is something on the fan-somewhere- that will show me how to line up the pins.

blackcat blackcat
Aug '10

The little tab thingies are called dip switches. If you want to set them properly you need to access the receiver in the fan and see what the sequence of the switches is set for there. The two switch sets should match and they are able to be changed so you can have more than one of the fans in close proximity without interference from each other. The remote could possibly be in between the house wiring and the fan connections under the canopy section of the fan at the top. Less frequently it may be in the light fixture junction box at the base of the fan. Either way, I would advise turning the power off so you don't accidentally operate the fan while making changes. I would also advise having two people present if you have never taken a fan down as you may find your hands filled abruptly and end up with no back-up plan for proceeding. This is not all that difficult of a task if you are somewhat handy and comfortable with very basic wiring.

Aug '10

We have one of these fans... We experienced a similar issue but found that the remote receiver in the fan went bad. Luckily we had purchased 2 of these fans from Sam's Club and had a spare. We have the original papaerwork that came with the fan, but the warranty number provided (1-888-JNP-ENTS) is out of service.

Sep '10

Can any one share the manul? I lost the manual and need this to install the fan. I got this last year form sames club but never got a chance to install it.


I still never found where the dip switches were on it. Can't find help on line anywhere but I'm looking again.

blackcat blackcat
Apr '11

I've got one of these fans that I purchased from Sams several years ago. The receiver is a separate little box that is wired between the house wiring & the fan wiring. As per the manual, I stuffed the receiver inside the fan canopy like Dave mentioned above. If u got this fan from a friend perhaps she didn't give u the receiver & that's why u can't find the dip switches. My problem is I've lost the remote control & the fan is stuck on high speed & the light is turned off. I've searched all over the Internet & that's how I ended up here. I am very disappointed to have learned that the phone number for Avion has been disconnected.

Do u think a universal remote control will work? Maybe I should just go buy a new fan that has pull chains instead of a remote control only fan

Mr. Fab Mr. Fab
Apr '11

I wonder if disconnnecting the fan control from the house wiring and the remote by wiring direct to the fan would work? If that is the case, then the wall switch could be used to control the speed by installing a wall switch which is a riastate or current reducer and allow the fan to increase or lower speeds?

What do you all think? You can write me direct at clarkisaacs@frontier.com

Thank you

Clark Isaacs Clark Isaacs
May '11

My fans remote would not work either. Thought the kids broke it or something. Checked the battery(9volt) and changed that - still did not work. Checked the dip switch positions and ensured that the dip switches in the remote and receiver(located in the housing as attached to the ceiling) were on the same setting- - still did not work. Disconnected the receiver and wired it directly to the house lines (ensure the power is off first - or you'll be in the hospital or worse!) - and voila! It worked. No more remote for that fan.

Can you change directions of the fan with the remote?

Renee Williams Renee Williams
Nov '11

I have an avion remote control ceiling fan with a broken piece on the light, where can I get a replacement part for it?

Dan G Dan G
Jan '14

I need to replace an arm bracket for the blade of an Avion ceiling fan I have and I can not find the manufacturer for parts.

Maria Abaunza Maria Abaunza
Jan '14


The light wil not go on

Allan Allan
Dec '14

Power went out and fans stopped working. Do not have manual as fans I stalled when I moved in. Nothing seems to turn fans on. Is there some sequence to reset fans after power in home goes off? Thank you

Kerry OConnell Kerry OConnell
May '15

Kerry - did you check the circuit breaker?

Neezy Neezy
May '15

I was trying to figure out where the transmitter was located because I couldn't get the remote to work. I thought I'd misplaced or thrown out the manual...but guess what?!?!?!?!?! I found it...for everyone looking for the darn transmitter...it is located in the "canopy", the part affixed to the ceiling...who in the world would've know that...I realize the information has come a tad bit late, but at least it's here for the next person searching... ~_~.

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