pawn shops in area

are there any pawn shops in the area?

specifically those that may sell golf clubs?

ours were stolen last week...hoping i can locate them fast.


Pawn shops? In this area?

You're looking in the wrong town, friend.

All we have are tattoo shops, bodegas, nail salons and check cashing stores. Plus a few Quick Cheks.

What kind of town do you think this is?

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Jul '10

there is one in newton not sure of the name its on 206

shoebie shoebie
Jul '10

One tattoo shop last I checked. Reggie has an axe to grind. I agree with the fact that there are no pawn shops (as far as I know).

Ryan (ligitty) Ryan (ligitty)
Jul '10

Check Craigslist... they may try to sell them on there.

ianimal ianimal
Jul '10

I think there is several around Easton. Stolen items were located there according to newspaper couple years ago. Also check Ebay.A high end stolen bike from a Ledgewood shop was found on that,seller {Thief} was like right around the corner.

since1966 since1966
Jul '10


try the flea market on rt 46 west of town

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Jul '10

would be nice if the town would allow pawn shops you can get good stuff from them .

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Jul '10

Easton is a good place to start

Jul '10

From Caged Animal's post, it sounds like Hackettstown bans pawn shops. How is a pawn shop different from a second hand store?

To the store owners in town, please don't take this as a knock against your store. It's not meant to be a knock.

When buying used stuff, I always prefer to see it in person. I have some used tools that I bought from neighbor when they moved. I would rather buy in person than from Craigslist. A pawn shop would be great.

emaxxman emaxxman
Jul '10

I would try Easton as well.

Birdie Birdie
Jul '10

Any one know why the Town ban pawn shops ?

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Jul '10

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