Anyone have info for MC Construction?

I know a few of you have used them as well. Here's the problem. To get the final permit on our pool we need their address & license #, but we can never get a hold of them. We have tried Google/Yellow Pages just to name a few and they have addresses all over PA. Nothing lists their license #, and no matter which of their many phone numbers we try we have no luck. It was like this as well when we needed them to return to finish something. Almost 2 weeks of continuous calling. Grrr! We even called Branchbrook, who recommends them to just about everyone, and they have no more info than we have. Their license # is not on the receipt they gave us either. It's so frustrating. Any help is much appreciated.

Lori...since '73 Lori...since '73
Jun '10

This ain't some bandit named Stanley is it? I hate pools................

Hackettstown Harold Hackettstown Harold
Jun '10

I am not familiar with MC Construction but I did a google search and found some information at

There is an MC Construction, Inc in Bushkill, PA with license number 13VH00925100 . New Jersey's division of consumer affairs lets you search home improvement contractors. There were 3 results for MC Construction. I hope this helps.

Name: MC Construction, Inc.
Address: Bushkill,PA
Profession/License Type: Home Improvement Contractors,Home Improvement Contractor
License No: 13VH00925100
License Status: Active
Issue Date: 7/13/2005
Expiration Date: 12/31/2010

Thank you so much Ava. I'll be heading to that site!

Lori...since '73 Lori...since '73
Jun '10

Yes they did our pool a few years ago. The guys did a solid job. I had plenty of sand left over though..

georgea georgea
Jun '10

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