55+ Rental communities

Does anyone know of any 55+ communities in or around the area. I live in an apartment complex in Mt Olive but think I would be better off in a 55+ community. Thank you

Maureen Maureen
Feb '10

The only one that I know of (my in-laws live there) is Fox Hills in Rockaway. What is very nice (since my FIL is legally blind and mainly uses a scooter to get around) is the jitney bus service that they provide there. It goes to the mall, grocery stores, etc. I know that there are rentals in there or you could buy one for a song these days. Good luck!

Their are senior apts on Willow Grove St. I think Peachtree Village has over 55 apts too. And down in Toms River and Whiting NJ, there are loads of houses to buy and all different prices .

Conrad's Mom Conrad's Mom
Feb '10

There is also one between Peachtree and Brittney Hills across from Target.. Forgot the name of it, though.

Coralie Coralie
Feb '10

There is also Paragon Village on 46 heading into Mount Olive.

jrsemom jrsemom
Feb '10

Across from Target it Brittany Manor, a 55+ Community

Localgirl Localgirl
Feb '10

On Center Street and also Van's Drive behind Ihop. Inquire at Leo's on Main St regarding those 2 and speak to Annie.

Firefly Firefly
Feb '10

Check at Leo's also re: the apts across from the hospital. Same owner.

copygirl copygirl
Feb '10

not quite 55 yet but am relocating my job to hackettstown and am thinking to rent or own condo near the hospital... any ideas??

donna donna
Mar '10

Brook Hollow has condos right across from the hospital. Seems like a nice little neighborhood.

LVMomOfBoys LVMomOfBoys
Mar '10

LVMom - I might be mistaken, but aren't those condos low income housing?

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '10

I do think the apts. across from the hospital are low income. As are Van's Drive, Center St., Heritage House (same side of Willow Grove as the hospital) and the ones in Independence Township on Petersburg Rd (Liberty House). I'm not sure if you can live in any of those places if you are not low income, and pay the full rent. But I do know there is usually a waiting list for low income apts. And although they are mainly seniors, there are a few younger low income disabled adults living in those places.

Tanya Tanya
Mar '10

You have to be careful - there are apartments across from the hospital, and there are condos. The condos are part of Brook Hollow, the apartments are not. (the apartments are known as "Moudro Corp") The affordable housing list shows the apartments as "senior/rental".

Anyone can live at Liberty House apartmetns now.

=Conrad's Mom =Conrad's Mom
Apr '10

I live in the apts across the street from Hackettstown Hospital, the noise level in your apt is high I can hear my downstairs apt tv clearly. Also the banging is always loud. I have to shovel my own car out in the snow. The owners need to have service people come in and fix thing not themselves experience service people are trained to do that they are not.

Dec '10

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